Checkout the new LG G4, a leather back Phone


The LG G4 is here, and as previewed, it does indeed feature a leather back, designed for comfort and durability according to the company. The smartphone has some serious bona fides when it comes to hardware specs, including a quad HD (1440 x 2560) 5.5-inch screen which uses new “quantum display” tech for better color reproduction, a completely redesigned camera with a larger sensor, Snapdragon 808 and an expandable microSD slot for more storage.

LG G43

The G4’s most stunning feature might be its unique industrial design, which follows other top-end device makers in angling for quality craftsmanship and materials, but which ends up at a very different destination from most. That leather back option is the result of over three years of research, and carries a special LG-designed treatment aimed at making it water-resistant and less susceptible to scratches and mark-ups.

LG G42

In addition to the brown finish we’ve seen bandied about so much already, there are beige, sky blue and black versions coming, with additional colors planned. If leather isn’t your thing, other variants use a hammered pattern back finished in metal or ceramic-painted white plastic. Bonus: All G4 backs are interchangeable with one another.

What’s nice about this year’s LG flagship is that the OS was created with Google users in mind, meaning that Google’s suite of productivity apps comes pre-installed, and that Chrome is the default browser choice. There’s OS-level Chromecast support, too, for sharing from your onboard music library and gallery apps, and most of LG’s own apps feature Android Wear extensions out of the box. You also get 100GB of free Google Drive storage for two years with G4 purchase.

The LG G4 has been on sale in Korea since April 29, and not sure yet the date for Nigeria. Keep tuned!


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