Inspector’s son, 6 others arrested for robbery in Lagos

It was gathered that Police in Lagos have arrested seven suspected members of a robbery gang that had been terrorizing residents of Alaba Oro, in Suru-Alaba area of the state. One of the robbers, who gave his name as Azeez Adisa (22), claimed to be leader of the gang and son of a serving Police Inspector.

Azeez and members of his gang met their waterloo after a successful operation. They reportedly stormed a bank on Odunade area of Alaba, last Monday, waiting for their prey. A man (names withheld), who had gone to the bank to withdraw N70,000 for the naming ceremony of his baby, the next day was attacked few poles away from the bank, and the money taken from him.

The victim was said to have reported the case at Layeni Police Division, where the Divisional Police Officer, Mrs Ginika Chukwu, led a team of policemen to an Indian hemp joint at Asemota area of Alaba Oro, where Azeez and members of his were reportedly arrested. Speaking with newsmen, the suspect admitted to have been responsible for various robbery operations around the area.

He said: “I am the leader of a seven-man robbery gang. My father is a Police Inspector, but I will not tell you where he is serving because he did not send me to steal. “Our modus oparandi included burgling and attacking bank customers, who had gone to withdraw money. Most times we stormed houses that still has their doors opened from 11pm.

“We collect phones, DVD players and cash from our victims. We do not have guns because we have not graduated to that level. We only use machetes. “At the end of each operation, we would sell our loot and share the proceeds among ourselves, with the largest share coming to me.

“I assure you that now that we have been arrested, residents in that area will witness calm. I promise to turn new leaf if I am allowed to go.”



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