Four soldiers injured as 25 more women and children are rescued from Sambisa Forest

It was gathered that the Director, Defence Information, Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade, said that the Special Forces have rescued an additional 25 women and children during a raid on the dreaded Sambisa Forest.

Olukolade also disclosed in a statement on Wednesday that during the operation, the soldiers destroyed seven camps which were being used by the insurgents for their training and operations. The Defence spokesman said that some of the insurgents were killed during the encounter with the troops but he did not give the exact number of those killed during the gun duel with the Boko Haram fighters.

He added that the soldiers had to beat the hurdle of landmines planted around the camps to carry out the operation. He said that the troops captured four camps known for notoriety in Alafa and others in Rogo Fulani and Laraga. Olukolade said that the soldiers recovered weapons from the insurgents including rocket propelled grenade, anti-aircraft guns, and operational vehicles.

However, Olukolade said that four soldiers were wounded in the operation and were being given medical treatment.

He said, “Seven additional terrorists’ camps were yesterday (Tuesday) destroyed as more terrorists also died in the ongoing onslaught to flush them out of the Sambisa Forest. “An additional 25 women and children were rescued in the process.

“The troops scaled many landmines in continuation of the assault on the bases of the terrorists, captured camps which include the four notorious Alafa camps as well as those in Rogo Fulani, Lareaga, and others used as training camps in the forest.

“Various weapons including rocket propelled grenades, anti-aircraft guns and a number of vehicles were either captured or destroyed during the operation.


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