Nigerian Celebrities & Notable Faces Present At The Launch Of Nexus Home Appliances First Brand Shop in Lagos (Photos)

The Leading maker of home appliances, Nexus, recently opened its first brand shop in Lagos as part of its plan to expand consumer touch points in Nigeria and reaffirm its commitment to delivering of quality customer service.

The brand shop which provides consumers with an exciting avenue to experience and interact with Nexus’ line-up of products is strategically located in the heart of Lagos at Allen Avenue, Ikeja.

The launch witnessed a lot of fanfare, showroom tour, product trials as well as appearances from notable faces in the music and movie industry.

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Speaking at the launch, Head of Brands and Corporate Communications, Deekay Group; Damilola Owolabi “We are thrilled to unveil our first Nexus brand shop in Nigeria. Nexus is a dynamic brand that has over the years enjoyed a vibrant relationship with its customers and will not stop at Brand Shops to engage, but will initiate several consumer friendly activities and communications going forward to constantly thrill and delight its consumers.”


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