“We The Family Don’t Even Need You Again”:Adebayo’s Sister Responds

The sister of Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor,Lucia Adebayor, has hit back at the player for his recent Facebook outburst about the relationship between him and his family.
The 31-year-old on Tuesday, May 5 took to his Facebook to open up about his dealings with his family.

But the sister of the striker has responded by calling him a ‘liar and under a spell’.

“Keep on lying to the whole world brother… where is the car you got for mum… you took it back… The house you claim you bought for sister are all lies… The phones Rotimi stole are all lies

“Money is not everything oooo… we the family don’t even need you again just be on your own so we do the same…de fact you have it today doesn’t guarantee your tomorrow… May God Allah forgive you.”

“The Alphas and Mallams have done great harm to your life. You need God… Only God can save your soul.” ….,” Lucia Adebayor posted a comment under her brother’s Facebook post.



  1. So who is lieing and who is saying d truth, as FAMILY pls try and resolve d issue becos everybody dat support d other side has dere FAMILY issue to solve, pls blood is thicker dan water

  2. Adebayour, you were once a star most Afrcan youth admire and look up to. What came over you? Buying a house for your
    Family and other gifts should not make headlines news. In fact , the desire to wipe poverty in your immediate family
    Should be a motivation to work harder in your chosen career. God has given you a talent for a reason, use it well. Have you not seen what Drogba has done for his fellow citizens and community, building hospitals etc. We are Africans my dear. Please stop behaving like whites. You can not be one no matter how long you spent in UK.

    I am not castgatigating you. Your family members might not have appreciated your efforts much but forgive them, please. They are your flesh and blood. Do not expose your differences in public. Remain a blessing to Africa and your family.

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