Get Ready For Denrele Edun’s Wedding Ceremony This Year!!!

It really came as a shock when the news broke that weird presenter, Denrele Edun, is set to wed especially when his sexuality is unclear to so many people.


In an interview with Saturday Punch last February, the entertainer had said although he had a lady in his life, he was not fully committed. It seems he has now changed his mind and is ready to walk his lady down the aisle. Cos in a new telephone conversation with Saturday Beats during the week, Denrele said that he would get married this year. He said:

“It is true that I am about to get married but it is not now. I would get married later this year. It was meant to be a secret but I don’t know how everybody has heard. I just hope ‘bad bele’ people would not jinx the marriage for me and make the girl that wants to marry me change her mind. She is the same girl I spoke about with you during our last interview.
I cannot explain how the girl captured my heart but everyone would find out on the D-Day. I don’t want to share the identity of my wife now. When the time comes, people would know who she is.”



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