Pres. Jonathan gov’t, PDP was all about filling their stomachs – Keyamo

It was gathered that festus keyamo, in twitter page said, President Jonathan loudly reminds Nigerians that it has been merriment and sharing of common patrimony amongst the few privileged PDP elements in the last 16 years, otherwise, he would be very much encumbered to convince Nigerians on what he meant by “returning on an empty stomachs”.

“My reaction the first day I heard the statement was that I immediately twitted through my twitter handle @fkeyamo that this clearly confirms that the Jonathan government and PDP were all about filling their stomachs.

“That was an extremely careless utterance by the President, but it contains a real suspicion of truth. By his utterances and his hackneyed approach to governance, Jonathan painted a picture of someone not fit to be a Local Government Chairman what more a bigger office. In as much as I want to respect the institution of the Presidency, the very person who occupies it is debasing it by his actions and utterances.

“So, to protect the Presidency, we must carefully separate the occupant who is destroying it and let the world see him for who he is.

“My prayer is that may the circumstances that threw up a president who was never ready for that office never befall us again.”

“That statement by President Jonathan, to me, is one of the several blunders the man is associated with when he speaks off-the-cuffs. Some times, he is not careful about his comments and he tends to attract too many criticisms.

There is clear indication by his statement that the essence of joining a party is to go and feed one’s stomach and pocket and therefore those leaving to PDP for APC will come empty handed.

“I thought that the reason to join a party is to render service to whatever constituency whether at the local or national level.

“I think there are many things he could have said to promote the benefit of remaining in PDP rather than retiring to material benefit. It is this materialism that the PDP is associated with and for which it is now on record that corruption has hit an all-time high during his regime.

“So, my advice to him is that if he cannot check his pronouncements, he should insist on a reading one so that some people could assist him there to make articulate views that could stand the test of time.

“Jonathan is not even associated with quotable quotes. This is an aspect of his leadership that is very poor.”


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