Wese Peckham And His Wife Clarified Liz Anjorin Over The Allegation Through Phone Interview

Still on the alleged husband snatching matter, London- based Nigerian, Wasiu Olayinka Gbadamosi. aka Wese Peckham has also reacted to stories that he sent his wife of about five years packing to accomodate Yoruba actress, Liz Anjorin.

During separate phone interviews with E247 magazine, Wese and his pregnant wife, Mrs. Olawunmi Shorunke Gbadamosi say their marriage is intact, his wife is still very much under his roof, and the source of the story remains a mystery to them. Excerpts.

What is your relationship with your wife as at today May 3, 2015?

Husband: as I speak with you, there is no problem with my marriage. All that was written by the bloggers are rubbish. My wife is at home. I speak to her anytime. She takes care of my home and
children. We have no issues.

What is the distance between you and your wife?

Husband: everybody knows me in London. My family lives in Birmingham and I stay in Peckham, London because of the nature of my work. Everybody knows I go to Birmingham on Saturdays.

What is the relationship between you and Alhaja?

Husband: which Alhaja? Because my wife is also an Alhaja?

I mean Alhaja Aishat Liz Anjorin

Husband: We are just compatible in business. Before now, I only knew her through the films she’s done. When she came to London, they brought her to me and she was very respectful. I appreciated her for being so friendly. Later, she asked me for help on a product she wanted to buy and I offered to help. I only did what I could do to help her buy the products she wants to sell in Nigeria. I am also friendly in nature and it is easier for people to insinuate I am dating ladies around me. This is because I render help for people as if we are related.

What do u think could have triggered that online report?

Husband: I believe that issue came out of jealousy, envy. I don’t know who these enemies are; I just do my things. May be because I call some ladies my wife I end up not proposing to them is the reason why they are doing these.

Do you have other celebrity friends aside Liz?

Husband: ask Sanyeri, Baba T, Remi Surutu, Taiwo Aromokun and Dayo Amusa. This Liz we are talking about, when she came to London in December, she came to my office, I didn’t look at her twice because, I was busy working. She didn’t even greet me. This time around, when she came last month, she accused me of being arrogant. I told her I was just busy.

How did you handle the issue in your family?

Husband: Women own this country. If this happen to another person, may be the husband will still be on his kneels begging his wife. This has not happen to me because, I am man enough. If a man messes up with his wife; I tell you he will face the wall; raising his hands. I asked my wife if she knows about the issue and she told me she knew nothing about it and I believe her.

Are you telling us you have strictly business dealing with Liz?

Husband: you can ask most business men in Nigeria. I can give you names of notable Nigerians who transact businesses in the UK. Just ask them for the only reputable foreign exchange Services in the whole of Peckham.

When she came in here, she told me about a business she wants to do and I decided to help her do the payment to the people selling the products. She told me everything about the business. I told her if she has no membership cards to the store. I have the membership card and I decided to help her buy the products.

It is impossible to send a woman packing in UK -Wifey, Olawunmi Shorunke

The alleged victim of victimization, Mrs. Olawunmi Shorunke Gbadamosi, said it is impossible for a man to send his wife packing in UK.

Is it true your husband sent you packing from his Birmingham home?

Wife: I don’t know where they came about the story. There is nothing like that. I am happily married. For anybody to say Wasiu sent me packing; there is nothing like that. I have two luxury cars here and I am fine.

Can you put a call across to your husband and speak to him now?

Wife: Hold on!


Wife: My husband is online now.

Reporter: Hello Mr. Wasiu

Husband: Hello….How are you?

Reporter: I asked Madam to call you to establish some facts sir!

Husband: Ok, you have been speaking with my wife and everything she has been telling you is nothing but the truth. There is no problem; we are happily married. May God help us. God knows all the hidden secret.

Wife: there is no problem anywhere. That is why I decided to keep quiet until now. My husband has also told me not to say anything. God knows the evil doers and he will expose them all.

Husband: By our findings, the blogger was only used to perpetrate this evil.

Wife: There is also Omoba Oladele in Dublin.

Reporter: Are you saying that, the blogger lied?

Husband: 100per cent lie!

Wife: What they wrote is impossible here in the UK. A man cannot send his wife packing here in the UK. May be in Nigeria; you can’t do that here in the UK.


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