You’re not a confirmed Christian until you have lived in the north, says Pastor Adeboye

Recently CAN President ,Pastor Ayo Oristejafor reeled out some statistics which revealed that 70 percent of all killings targeted at Christians globally occurred in northern Nigeria with 3,000 killed and over 500 Churches burnt between 2010 and 2012. According to the CAN President,

“In my first term, about 3,000 Christians were killed. Last year alone it averaged over 100 every month. In March 2010 about 500 Christians were slaughtered in one night on an attack on their villages.

“In April 2011 we lost over 500 churches, thousands of homes and businesses in a 48-hour period and in 2012 about 70 percent of all Christians killed worldwide were in northern Nigeria alone.”

Also last year Nigeria topped the list of countries where Christians were persecuted most worldwide. More Christians were said to have been killed in Northern Nigeria last year than in the rest of the world combined according to Jubilee Campaign, a human rights organization.

The Executive Director, Ann Buwalda, of the Jubilee Campaign told The Christian Post that an estimated 1,200 Christians were killed for their faith in Northern Nigeria in 2013.

“We documented 1,200 Nigerian Christians in the North of Nigeria who were killed, some by Boko Haram, some by Fulani herdsmen. These two types of attacks are persistent within several of the Northern Nigerian states,” said Buwalda, a participant at a Panel sponsored by the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 14, 2013, where issue regarding Boko Haram and the persecution of Christians in Northern Nigeria was addressed. Buwalda also noted that “Statistically, we are looking at approximately 60 percent of the world’s Christians that were killed for their faith last year was in Northern Nigeria.”


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