Tragedy in Warri as girl stabs brother to death

It was gathered that the Ogbe family in the Ugbuwangue axis of Warri, Delta state, was Tuesday thrown into deep mourning as one of their daughters, known as Omasan, stabbed her teenage younger brother, Laju, to death.

It was learnt that Omasan, a 21-year old, was involved in an argument with Laju over house chores, which the younger one was said to have resisted.

According to a source close to the family, when Omasan asked Laju, who was the only son of the family, to do the dishes, the boy was said to have resisted, reminding his sister that he had already fetched water and was tired to do more.

The argument resulted to a physical fight and at some point; Laju slammed the sister on the floor. He reportedly ran to the back with his sister on his trail, wilding a kitchen knife and eventually stabbed him in the chest.

‘’He fell to the ground, started screaming, and calling for help before people rushed to the house to attempt to help the boy,’’ the source said.
By the time Laju got help and was rushed to the Warri Central Hospital, he has passed away as he was said to have lost much blood. He was later buried in front of his father’s house at Ugbuwangue.

Meanwhile, realising the magnitude of her action, Omasan, was said to have attempted an escape, but was grabbed by the people around and handed over to the police.

Attempt to get a reaction from the children’s only parent; their mother, as their father was said to have passed away over ten years ago, was unsuccessful.
She was still in shock as at the time of filing this report.


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