How Jonathan, Emir of Zaria planned to kill me, says Muslim cleric ZakZaky

It was gathered that Muslim cleric, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has claimed a plan to kill him by the administration of the out-going president, Goodluck Jonathan, through the Zazzau Emirate council has been hatched.

Sheikh Zakzaky explained that the Zazzau Emirate council under the leadership of Emir of Zazzau Shehu Idris was given the job in which they employed services of thugs and armed them with dangerous weapons.

In a press statement by Zakzaky he said: “Armed with dangerous weapons, the hired thugs were called out by name at a meeting and given meagre amount. Plastic containers filled with petrol were also stored in a barber’s shop close to my residence, to be hurled into the house as fireballs during the attack”.

Zakzaky further pointed out that, the hired thugs launched an offensive Thursday night last week, but was repelled by the volunteer guards at his residence. “They re-grouped and came back, but were pushed back on each move. This had been going on from 7 o’clock in the morning till one o’clock in the afternoon”.

When the plan failed, the hired thugs were gathered at the Emir’s palace, ready for another offensive at night.

“The interview with me on the BBC, in which I exposed the plan and the complicity of the Emirate, stopped them”.

Shaikh Zakzaky wondered how the perpetrators of the crime would think a plan of this magnitude can be kept secret. “We know the role of every one of them in hatching and execution of the plan; most of those whose services were employed were not actually in agreement with the plan”.

He however prayed Allah to expose and take vengeance on those behind the move, and Allah’s protection on targets of the attack.

To the perpetrators of the act, Shaikh Zakzaky said: “Let them plan and execute whatever atrocity they deem fit, on Allah we rely”.



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