‘Learn Revenue Generation From Tinubu, Fashola’ – Ben Murray Bruce tells state governors

If  Nigeria truly wants economic survival, the Federal Government must partner with outgoing Governor of Lagos State, western Nigeria, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, as well as National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to tutor other state governors on the best ways to generate revenue, Senator-elect and owner of Silverbird Television, Ben Murray-Bruce, has said.

In a series of tweets late Tuesday, Murray-Bruce listed various challenges facing Nigeria and how they could be solved. He also asked the government to consider diversification from oil as well as encourage consumption of local products.

“For our economic survival, FG must partner with Lagos and ask both Tinubu and Fashola to mentor all other states on how to increase IGR (internally generated revenue),” Murray-Bruce, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, tweeted.

Discussing other possible ways to boost the Nigerian economy and strengthen the naira, he said: “there are Nigerian firms which provide services similar to DSTV. FG must patronise them. Things like these shore up the value of the naira.

“If for instance FG buys only Zinox computer hardware/software imagine the impact on the value of naira. Naira has value when we buy local!…If a Nigerian airline flies to a destination, NASS (National Assembly) must pass a law barring any FG official from using foreign airlines to that destination.

“If a product is currently being manufactured in Nigeria, NASS must pass a law that the FG cannot buy an imported version.

“NASS must force FG to ban importation of rice, wheat and chicken. It drains our forex and Nigerians won’t die if we don’t eat imported rice!

“NASS must not allow FG borrow to pay salaries. We shouldn’t put future generations in bondage. Good parents eat and leave for their kids!

“Life without oil is becoming real. We must join heads together. It doesn’t matter who is PDP or APC. If the cat catches mice, its a good cat! If you think things are bad now, imagine what they will be when oil fades away. NASS has a duty to force Nigeria to spend less and save more!” he said, adding that he had made it a point never to fly first class when travelling.

Lamenting further, he said: “I’m widely travelled yet I’ve not seen a nation where leaders donate public money like Nigeria. If you must donate, donate your own money!

“The eighth NASS won’t be a rubber stamp. Not while I’m there! I will expose anybody that dares approach me or my colleagues with Ghana-Must-Go (bribe)!

“Homeless masses everywhere in Abuja, yet no African city has as many unoccupied mansions as Abuja because corrupt elite build what they don’t need!” he said, vowing that this must change in the eighth Assembly.


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