Check On The Comments Cynthia Morgan’s Fan Makes On Her Nose Ring


Female Hip Hop artiste, Eva Alordiah and Dance Hall artiste, Cynthia Morgan, are two of Nigeria[‘s banging musicians and models who are making waves with almost everything they lay their hands on.

While Eva alodiah is a rapper, Cynthia Morgan is representing and displaying her prowess with the mixture of Reggae, groovy beats and simple word play.

African beauties in their own rights, these two femcees are known for their high fashion sense and one accessory that differentiate them is the type nose ring they wear.

While Cynthia Morgan as decided to pierce the inside of her nose with a circular ring, Eva has simply pierced her left nostril.

But this difference in the choice of nose piercing is generating backlash for the Dance Hall artiste.

Read the comment below:

pinkie_lipz: “Where Cynthia Morgan dey? Make she come see how nose pin suppose be, no be that disgusting thing in between her nose.”

haribike: “@pinkie_lipz, that’s too much, you don’t like someone but you don’t need to say that.”

pinkie_lipz: “@haribike you getting it wrong. I am one of the big fan of Cynthia Morgan. In fact her latest single, “Come and Do” is still banging on ma playlist but that thing she put in between her nose makes her looks irritating, walahi”

pinkie_lipz: “@haribike because of that thing, I don’t like watching her videos.”


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