“Since I Left My Ex-wife, Things Have Been Better For Me”- Zaki Azzay

zaki ZAKI1

The Hausa musician,Zaki Azzay, has told a realiable source that he is now richer than he used to be after divorcing his ex-wife.

According to him things are very better now and he is glad. Zaki recently bought a G-Wagon and also completed his Makurdi estate and believes it was his wife who was behind him not achieving all of that when they were together. Zaki has re-married. Here’s what he said about his better life;

“It is very true that since I left my ex-wife, things have been better for me. I know for certain that it is true and it has a spiritual connotation. I don’t know why but it is left for God. All I know is that I was married to a woman who I loved so much and I thought she loved me the same way.

But unfortunately, I discovered otherwise. I cannot say all the things she did to the press because of my children. I don’t want to go into details but it is God’s will. Nobody can prosper in life without God’s grace,” he said.


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