3-yr-old Child Crashes Out Of Moving Car In Delta

It was a chilling experience at the weekend when passersby and motorists watched a middle-aged woman drive into Anwai Road axis of Asaba, the Delta State capital, with her three-year-old child almost falling off the car.

The incident, according to an eyewitness occurred at mid-day when the woman, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, hurriedly drove into Anwai Road from an adjoining street, and in the process, one of the rear doors of her car flung open with her three-year-old son hanging delicately on the edge.

Some passersby and motorists around shouted at the woman to stop, but to no avail as the woman seemed not to have heard.

In the anxiety that ensued, some drivers went after her as she headed towards the popular Nnebisi Road.

On getting to the Federal Medical Centre (FMC) junction, a tricycle rider, popularly called “keke rider’ who was coming in the opposite direction, saw the car and the child almost falling off from the door and immediately blocked her, thus preventing the car from moving any further.

Immediately the car came to a halt, the child fell on the tarred road and was almost crushed by another trycylist coming from the rear.

It was then the woman realised something was amiss and to the surprise of many, she quickly got off the car, picked up the child from the ground, threw him inside the car and sped off.

At the time of filing this report, no one could ascertain the identity of the woman and the child and her mission.


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