A new Nigeria is possible beginning today, says Tinubu

Report revealed that Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, former governor of Lagos state and a national leader of the All Progressives Congress has stated that a new ‘Nigeria’ begins today with the inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari as president.

Tinubu stated this in a Democracy Day statement, noting that, that the true heroes of democracy are Nigerians who have been resilient over the years.

“May 29, 2015, shall be recorded in our history as the moment when democracy finally was allowed to participate in Democracy Day. The reason for this is the legion of average Nigerians who voted to make this happen. Should any of you wish to see a true hero of democracy, don’t fret. Just look in the nearest mirror,” he said.

“The celebrations prior to this were false showings; they were the commemoration of wrong. The path we have taken to come to this august moment has not been one of easy victory or swift progress.”

He noted that: “Instead, it has been a path hewed by the triumph of resilience over broken promises and fraudulent avowals of representative governance. Reaching this fine moment has been a story told in the cadence of the victory of common good over arrogant power.”

“The voice of the solitary poor man, no one hears. But the votes of the poor became a potent army capable of toppling the very citadel of high privilege in order to bring forth national awakening no less historic and important than the very birth of this nation.”

“On this day, we shall witness the inauguration of Muhammadu Buhari, a great, honorable and dedicated public servant as our president. This is indeed an inspiring moment, a turning point in our national direction, and the reclamation of our best destiny.”

“We shall celebrate this achievement but not in mindless, care-free fashion. The road ahead is still choked with the debris of problems left too long unattended.”

“We are well aware of the challenges pitted against our wellbeing. Insecurity, economic decline and corruption, we must fight and fight as if we are going to war not a carnival.”

“Most of all, we must fight the temptation of hopelessness, the sense that little good will come out of even the greatest efforts. This is where I want to thank and commend all those who voted in the past election.”

“It is you who turned this day into the true celebration of true democracy it was intended to be.”

“With no guarantee save your faith and armed solely with the hope and promise of a better tomorrow through better governance, you fought the mounting tide of power and money. That tide tried to induce you to sell your democratic rights and your chance for a greater future on the cheap.


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