Gov. Ambode Give Four-Week Ultimatum To Miscreants To Surrender Illegal Arms

It was gathered that Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode has issued a four-week ultimatum to miscreants and persons in possession of illegal arms and ammunition in the state to hand them over to the police or be ready to face the wrath of the law.

The governor spoke at the first Security Council Meeting he chaired at the State House, Ikeja on Wednesday.

Speaking with newsmen after the meeting, State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Kayode Aderanti, said the major crux of the meeting was the charge by the Governor to all security agencies in the state to mop up all illegal arms and ammunition, often deployed by unscrupulous persons to terrorise innocent citizens.

He said Ambode was deeply concerned about the safety of life and property in the state and therefore urged all security agencies to ensure that Lagos is rid of the activities of criminals and hoodlums.

“It was a very comprehensive meeting, very exhaustive and we were able to have an overview of all the security issues involved in the state. We reviewed the security architecture of the state generally and we came to the conclusion that we need to work harder to assure the people of Lagos that under his watch, Lagos will continue to remain safe, Lagos will continue to remain investor’s destination and we are committed to keep doing that.

“How we can achieve that is to ensure that we keep Lagos free from criminals, free of hoodlums and cultists that are parading the state. In doing that, the governor further directed that we (security agencies), are going to give an ultimatum to all those individuals that are in possession of illegally acquired weapons that are not licensed, we are giving them four-week ultimatum. They should hand over all the weapons that are in their possession to all the area commanders in the state and after four weeks we intend to take steps,” he said.

According to him, “we intend to do these in order to rid the state of weapons that we have termed as weapons of mass destruction, because they are using it against innocent people, our children, brothers, fathers and mothers. We believe we need to take them off and in doing that the carrot and stick approach will be adopted.”

The CP, however, said the security agencies would be forced to take decisive steps to recover all weapons after the expiration of the period of grace.

“But we are enjoining all those in possession of these weapons to please hand them over to the area commands in the state and moving forward, we intend to clean it off. We would do these within the four weeks of grace and we would have all these properly documented, captured and stored in the data base of the state government, the police and the security agencies, this is one of the major decisions that we actually agreed upon,” he added.

Aderanti said the meeting also touched on all matters relating to maintaining the peace and security currently being enjoyed in the state in a bid to ensure that every resident could move about freely without any fear of molestation.

“It is also the Governor’s focus that under his watch, he would place much emphasis on security, and security is going to be the baseline. He believes that if Lagos State is secure, people will be able to come to the state and invest. He is looking at a situation whereby citizens can go out at night, anytime of the day, people can walk on the streets, drive at night, they can do whatever they want to do lawfully without being molested. If we have all these in place, then we can move forward and he can implement all his noble ideas and vision for the state,” he said



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