Oritse Femi’s Ex-Manager ‘Danku’, Moves From Managerial Duties To Being A Musican

There have being various speculations circulating on the media-sphere in the past week or so about how Adebola Yusuf Adepitan a.k.a ‘Danku’ (Oritse Femi’s manager), is apparently having issues with his artist over a lump sum of cash.
Of course these are all just mere speculations until there are facts and evidence to back the story up.

It is however not a new story that Danku, as he is widely called, has also being in the spotlight a little too much in the recent months. You can always find this energetic manager everywhere around Oritse Femi’s videos, pictures, press releases and some interviews. Infact, in most of Danku’s appearances, you would always find him highly ‘Turnt Up’ even more than the artiste he is charged with managing. Which begs the unequivocal question:.

“Yes! Danku is actually transitioning from his managerial duties to being a musician.”

I guess I let the cat out of the bag too early, right? LOL.






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