Toyin Saraki Shocked At How Much EFCC Exposed About Her- Sources

The Sources within the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has revealed that Toyin Saraki, the wife to Senate President Bukola Saraki, arrived at EFCC “totally unprepared” for questions they asked her.

Senator Saraki and his wife have been the subject of intense pressure over documents which reveal they have been stealing and laundering money from Kwara State and various financial institutions for decades. These documents also reveal that Mrs. Saraki has played a significant role in assisting to launder these funds.
Mrs. Saraki was accompanied by an entourage of politicians and supporters as she arrived at the EFCC headquarters in Abuja. Included in her entourage was founder of the Anti-Corruption Network, now Senator, Dino Melaye who has been criticized in recent weeks for flaunting his wealth on social media.

Mrs. Saraki arrived two hours late for her appointment. According to a senior agent at the EFCC she tried to intimidate the EFCC officials with melodrama and members of her entourage.

The EFCC successfully separated Mrs. Saraki from members of her entourage in order to effectively interrogate her in private, according to an investigator. This same EFCC investigator said that separating her was important because she was no longer able to distract officials.

He said that Mrs. Saraki was “thoroughly overwhelmed” by the knowledge of the investigators’ of her criminal acts linked to the laundering of stolen Kwara State funds and misappropriation of bank loans.

The EFCC investigator added that Mrs. Saraki “left shocked after seven hours of interrogation.”

She is due to return to the EFCC for further questioning on Wednesday at 10am.


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