Interview: Read On How Davido Writes His Own Songs (Video)

Davido,a.k.a OBO, addresses and explains the Gobe controversy in detail for the first time. According to Davido, he writes a lot of his songs by himself, but does have some songs on his new album that were written by other song writers.

Most artists in the Nigerian music industry will hardly admit that a song that they performed was written by a hired song writer, so for that I commend Davido on his boldness in admitting this. Additionally, as Davido mentions in the video, the greats such as Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Beyonce don’t or didn’t write all of their songs; they got help.

Ironically, this topic of writing your own lyrics touches on a current public feud currently going on between Drake and Meek Mill, where Meek accuses Drake of not writing his own lyrics.

So the question I have is, what are your thoughts on hiring writers in the Nigerian music industry? According to Pasuma it’s already happening and he uses writers every now and then.


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