The Look Of A Man Doesn’t Matter To Me, Only His Heart Does – Says Ayo Adesanya in an Interview

In a recent interview,the single mother of one hinted that although she’s not particular about being in love again, but the looks of man doesn’t matter to her but his heart and how he makes her laugh.

She’s still young and beautiful at 45, yet Ayo Adesanya, a veteran Yoruba actress isn’t keen on remarriage after her first trial met with brick walls.

“I’m old school, people look at me and say wow; you look good, I thank God for that. Most times they say Ayo you dress like a younger person. That is me, inside of me I am a very young person and I’m alive, I’m colorful and vibrant. I’m very charming when it comes to the inside of me. That is what I always radiate, that is what I show to the world; that is how I can express myself.

Having said that, your heart tells a lot to me; I don’t care what you look like. I love to laugh a lot so I like happy people, really happy people not people pretending to be happy. I don’t care if you’re short or tall, fair or dark; it is the inside of your heart that matters to me.

I’ve gone through a lot and I’ve seen a lot; even the simplest of things touches me. I’m your everyday happy-go -lucky person, when you’re sweet, when you’re cool, when you’re calm, It works for me. But then, please I am not searching, she said.



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