(Episode 8) True Story of my Gigolo experience with Abuja Sugar Mommies!!!

Our plot for a solution finally gave birth to a plan, we decided to go ourselves and get the albino girl by force for it was only 24hours remaining and the wrath of Atukpa would begin to unleash terror on me.

We drove to her house that night, I, Richard and Sleek, our car was parked few blocks away from the uncompleted building, with torchs in our hand Richard led the way, tiptoeing inside the building, we don’t know how many people living in the building so we were conscious not to raise alarm and be doomed, Sleek knocked on her door twice, she answered

ALBINO: Who be dat dis night? abeg go kerosene don finish

My heartbeat racing as sweat filled my whole body like droplets of rain, scared of the unknown and then Richard decided to answer her

RICHARD: Abeg my food dey fire!

ALBINO: Who be that sef?

We heard footsteps and then the squeaky door opened and that was when Sleek surrendered her with a gun.

SLEEK: If you move or shout I swear i’ll kill you

The Albino girl began to shake as the three of us walked into her room, it had only mat, a lantern and a big plastic bucket for drinking water, the floor wasn’t cemented as it was quite rough and her room looked very neat though, Richard walked up to her and then ordered her to lay down and she obeyed without trying to prove stubborn

RICHARD: So you see this kind fine boy {pointing at me} you no gree for am, comot your cloth sharp sharp before I shoot you

She hurriedly took of her cloths as fear that gripped her made her shake uncontrollably, Sleek turned to me

SLEEK: O boy do fast make we comot here o

I hurriedly pulled my trouser and boxers and then walked towards the mat where the albino was lying down naked, her fair skin shoned like gold in the dark, I open her thighs and then tried to gain an erection before I perform my ritual but life instead choose to give me the big blow, I could not gain and erection, I took saliva from my mouth and began to massage my dick to see if I could gain erection but all was not working

RICHARD: O boy so you wey dey fuck for a living now to fuck save your life you dey jonse

ME: O boy no be my fault I no know wetin dey happen to me.

I tried and tried yet my dick was numb and flaccid, Sleek became impatient and then took the gun from Richard and pointed it directly on the albino’s head,

SLEEK: Oya suck him dick! make sure say him prick stand o

The albino protested vehemently as she kept saying

ALBINO: Kill me if una like but me i no go put him prick for my mouth wey i dey use chop

We all got frustrated while sweat of total confusing kept dripping off my body

RICHARD: Wait make all of us calm do, shebi na just fuck Atukpa talk abi?

I and Sleek chorused “Yes”

RICHARD: No wahala na, just put prick inside toto na then do am for atleast three minutes

I made the albino to get to the mat again, I opened her thighs and just inserted my flaccid dick into her pussy and began to move my waist up and down as my dick kept scrubbing her pussy wall slightly, she just closed her eyes and was crying as tears kept drooling out of her eyes, I felt pity for her but couldn’t stop because she was the sole essence on which my sanity depends on, and the moment I was done, I stood up as we hurriedly left her house, I dropped hundred thousand naira by her mat as we were leaving, I turned towards her

ME: If you ever need help i’ll find you

We took off with speed as we ran to our car and drove off, I was worried deep down because I don’t know yet if Atukpa would classify that as having sex with an albino, later that night at the bar of cosy club drinking heavily as my soul was troubled for I don’t have strong conviction of my actions, when I asked Sleek how I would know if my ritual was accepted by Atukpa, he smiled and then

SLEEK: You think too much my man, but if you wanna know here is a sign, if you wakeup tomorrow and see beehive at your doorstep, just know that you are as good as dead

That was when fear in all totality sucked up my soul and I began to shake, who know what morning holds?, who knows if all this wealth I had amassed would mean anything me began if the ritual wasn’t accepted I would go mad! why did my dick fail to gain erection, this was all that filled my mind as I drank heavily to drown my fears, I wished morning would never come, inside my heart I prayed for the longest night ever, in that frustration, I picked three prostitutes to bed that night, for this might be the last sane night for me

…. Stay tuned to Episode 9



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