Jonathan surrounded by funny characters–says Wole Soyinka

Noble laureate Wole Soyinka has berated former President Goodluck Jonathan for surrounding himself with certain unsavoury characters saying that was unbecoming of a leader. He made this known during an interview in the latest edition of Zero Tolerance Magazine, a publication of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

Soyinka said: “Jonathan surrounded himself with certain unsavoury characters and that is something you don’t have to do if you are in charge.

“You are in a position to select those who are seen with you so that the populace can look up to them,” he said.

Soyinka added that: “I can say this because by the time this interview comes out, the election would have been over and nobody can charge me with campaigning for or against somebody.”

He charged that as president, leadership must be by example, arguing that: “I am disturbed for instance when I read that a candidate said: ‘I will not probe anybody or something like that.’”

He said corruption cannot be fought by sweeping everything under the carpet: “You don’t, you just say, am going to allow the law take its course: I am going to empower the agencies which has been set up for such specific purposes of stemming the corrupt out flow of resources.”

Soyinka queried that: “why should a president involve himself in what is already structurally established and dedicated to that purpose.”

He also said former EFCC chairman Nuhu Ribadu admitted to him that he realized very late that former President Olusegun Obasanjo was using him.

Soyinka said: “So you have to destroy that link between power and corruption.”


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