(Episode 3) Story of My Escapades & near-death Experiences i had with S*xual friends on Fac3Bo0k

I hopped into her jeep and she drove to a five star hotel with all the finesse of class and grandeur, she dropped her bag the moment we got into the room, anxiety of seeing me made me rush her huge waist, she is so fat that both hands couldn’t go round her body, I kissed her neck while she took her hand straight to my zippers and grabbed my erect d*ck (“JT”), she was surprised that though I am fat yet my “JT” is very fat and long, my huge “JT” has always been my surprise package for any woman that gets into the room with me, women generally have the perception that all fat guys have little “JT”s and are weakly on bed, so the moment she felt my “AK47” she was now anxious to see what lies in between my thighs, I got scared sincerely just for one reason and that being that this is the first time am getting down with an older woman so I doubted my strength if I could really satisfy her, most of these young haven’t really mastered the art of sex, all they do is lie on the bed legs wide open and let you just do your “business”, so I told her to wait and she paused and looked at me and then said

MONIC: Wait let me go get food and drinks, we are not living the hotel to anywhere today!

She left the hotel room leaving her bag, I looked at for a while before my inquisitive side pushed me to open the bag, I saw her ID card, the name written there was different from her facebook account name, I search to unravel the mystery that lies in her bag, I saw pictures of her and her husband on their wedding day in her bag but she lied to me that she is a single mum.

Few minutes later, I stood and left the hotel, I was going to bang her with my natural strength, I need little “ginger” to aid my normal strength of maximum 45minutes, so I strolled around the area looking for a drug store until I found one, a fair lady with her Calabar accent greeted me

CHEMIST: gurumorin sir

ME: Yes my dear, abeg you fit find me any medicine wey go make last for bed well well?

I said that in a low tone cos I was shy and I could see the way her face lightened up when she found out that I was horny guy who was on a mission to pound a p*ssy (“cookies”) real good. You sabi wetin i mean by “cookies” right?

CHEMIST: Oga the melicine we get na Anafralin, just take one tablet and mbok! u go do madam well.

We bargained for price and I bought one card, I was advice to take one tablet, I opened it and the capsule is so tiny like mustard seed, so as a biochemist I checked my body mass and took two tablets, quickly rush back to my hotel room and waited for her, 30 minutes later I heard a knock and I opened, she was now wearing a jean short and handless top, her boobs almost popping out of her dress and the shorts revealed her hips in contours, she waddled into the room, dropped the two bottles of vodka and very huge flask on the floor, I saw her red g-strings as It got stretched to its limit from the excess “overload” monic was carrying made the g-string look so sexy and attractive, I grabbed the bottle of vodka and then opened its, gulped a big quantity, light my weed and began to smoke, in my mind I was saying ” I go bang today you go believe” , I was shocked when stretched her hand for me to pass the weed to her and I did, she smoked so well without choking, then I knew she must have been smoking it before now.


I pushed to the bed and hurried took her shorts off, and she stood up to take her handless top off because while I was trying to do it, it got entangled with her earring, I almost jumped out of my bed when I saw the big waist I would be devouring any moment, so I drew her closer and spanked her ass hard and she planted her lips on mine as we kissed deeply, she looked at me and said

MONIC: Spank me harder!

I spanked her ass and watched as the huge pound of flesh kept bouncing from each strokes, I pulled her wide g-string off and took her today the bed, spread her fat thighs wide apart, I planted my tongue on her thighs as it was quite warm from the rubbing of her fat thighs against each other, I licked her thighs slowly and softly down to her “cookies” mound, I used my tongue to path her cuntlips and began to suck her inner pink “cookies” wall, licking it so professionaly that let out moans as she grabbed me by the head and I put my fingers in her mouth and she sucked it with so much energy like it was my “JT”, when my hands were fully wet, I took my hand down to her “cookies”, used my other hand to shift the pound flesh in her thighs because locating her “cookies” was quite hard because of her huge thighs, then I inserted two fingers into her “cookies”, and began to finger bang her slowly while I licked on her clitoris, used my lips to grab her cuntlips and make vibration sounds with my mouth, she wriggled her waist so fast, this is one fat woman who is energetic in bed, her waist kept going in circles faster than most thin girls I have met.

I used the other hand to squeeze and caress her fat nipples it almost the size of a garden-egg, I kept doing that and she yelled

MONIC: Baby harder! choi! I love this ehhh!

I inserted three fingers and finger banged her faster and that seemed like it wasn’t enough, I inserted the fourth finger and she kept yelling for more, by the time my whole finger were buried in her “cookies”, monic’s leg was already far wide apart, she used her hands to hold both legs and closed her eyes while I was fisting her “cookies”, she would whine her waist round and then take it up and down in a rhythmic movement and then she stopped, grabbed my hands and then said

MONIC: Am cuming, I said am cuming oh! shit, boy your good!!!

She grabbed my hand and forced into her “cookies” deeper and faster and kept squeezing her face, her breathe became heavy and laid her back on the bed and shook her head so fast like she was possessed and she came up again, grabbed my hand with force and this time she digged deeper than before

MONIC: Grab my nipples please, pleaseeeee

I grabbed her left nipple while she used her hand to pull her right nipple like she wants to pull it off and then squeezed her face as her cum splashed all over my hand, I continued for few minutes, then brought it out as we licked every drop of her cum, then she took my boxers off and took it into her mouth, she suck it for over 5 minutes, I who is a blowjob fan couldn’t gain an erection, if a lady grabs my “JT” I gain erection in 1 minute talkmore of a blowjob, it was then it hit me that I must have taken overdose of annafralin and having its adverse drug reaction.

…..Stay tuned to Episode 4


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