REVEALED!! 4 Female Nigerian Celebrities that are Still Virgins [#4 will shock you]

It may sound incredulous to say that a female celebrity in Nigeria is still retaining her virginity, considering the level of promiscuity that is usually associated with their lifestyle.

It may not have crossed your widest imaginations that we still have a hand full of them who have decided to remain holy and loyal to their future husbands.

Meet these daring ladies who value their pride and would not let it go for a million dollars!

#1: Adokiye


An Imo-state-born Afro-pop singer who became the UN ambassador of peace nearly 5 years after climbing the music stage in Nigeria gave everyone a shocker when she disclosed to Vanguard’s Potpourri, that come what may, she must not have sex until after marriage.

Moreover, she said she’ll only surrender to the man that can buy her mum a private jet which she promised her before marriage. However, the news of her still being a virgin went public when she volunteered her virginity to the Boko Haram in exchange of the abducted Chibok girls.

Meanwhile, the Pretty Virgin, as she calls herself said:“I have a boyfriend now but what we share is Agape love”.

#2: Seyi Hunter


When Adokiye, the Afro-pop singer declared she is a virgin in a recent chat with Vanguard’s Potpourri,many thought she could possibly be the last five of the virgins in the entertainment industry. But it seems there are others as another entertainer, an up-coming Nollywood actress, Seyi Hunter came out and declared she is a virgin too.

In an interview with Showtime Celebrity, she said: “I know nothing about sex. Money is more important to me in a relationship”.

Seyi is born of an Igbo father and an Akwa-ibom mother. She started off her career in the Yoruba sector and has featured in about 20 movies in both the Yoruba and English language movies.

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#3: Chidimma Ekile


The ‘Kedike’ and ‘EmiNi Baller’ crooner and 2010 Project Fame Season 3 winner, cried out that she is still a virgin while denying in very strong terms ever making a sex tape that has gone viral on the Internet she emphasized her claims by saying she could not have been involved in such sex scandal since she is still a virgin.

“I didn’t make any sex tape o, I have no idea where that tape is from and I am still a virgin o,” she said. She also promised to sue those behind the dastardly act.

#4: Tolu (toolz) Oniru


Nigerian curvy and super cute presenter had said she is still a virgin and that she’s keeping her virginity for her future husband. She said this while answering questions from her fans via Twitter.



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