PLEASE HELP! My Boss Is Pushing Me To His Wife

I work in a private IT company , i joined the company like seven months ago. My boss is a bit advance and he is married to a much younger and fine lady from what i heard from other staff in the office, they have been married for more than 7 years but they don’t have a child, some people believe the boss is impotent that is why he never wanted to get married but due to pressure from friends and family he had to. After about 3 months working with him i met

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the wife and since that day my boss has become too nice to me, now he is always sending me to his house to deliver one message or the other, something he could have just call his wife and tell her he will want me to go to his house and everytime I went there the wife is always trying to seduce me.

One a particular day he ask me to go and download whatsapp for his wife he told me to take my time and not rush back to the office, sometimes he will tell me to wait for him in his house knowing fully well that he will not come to the house anytime soon, now its getting out of hand because what happened the yesterday was not funny.

I know what they are up to but i can’t do it and i also need the job.


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