Let’s Break Culture Of Silence On Rape – Popular Actress

Celebrated actress, Omoni Oboli, returns as a lawyer in a new film, Code of Silence, AKEEM LASISI writes

Celebrated actress, Omoni Oboli, is one of the stars to watch in Code of Silence, a new film in which she plays the role of a lawyer and counsellor.

Among other themes, the movie dramatises the evils of rape, to which Oboli is calling the attention of everyone.

According to her, for the safety of the society, the culture of silence that has surrounded rape over the years must stop and everyone, whether they are men or women, should come together to fight the menace.

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Saying everyone should rise in support of rape victims, Oboli notes in an interview, “We should make them know that it’s not a taboo to talk about it.

It’s not because of anything they did or didn’t do. You could be dressed as nuns and still get raped. Whether the victims are women or men (men also sometimes get raped), we must, as a society, ensure that they have a voice and not stigmatise them.

“It is because the rapists are sick in their minds and because they think they want to control other human beings. So, we need to make the victims to understand that and let them talk about it because the more they are able to talk, the more we expose these things; and the more people will realise that there would be some naming and shaming.”

She adds that the law against rape must be stringent, such that it will deter people from committing the crime.

On her role in the movie, Oboli says she drew strength from the stories and testimonies of a lot of victims that she have either read or heard about.

According to her, the picture of a man pinning a women down and forcing himself on her is enough to make anyone shudder.



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