(Episode 4) Why my Pastor sleeps with all female members..Beware of Student fake Pastors

Anita pushed me away from the thighs of Chioma, as I hurriedly rushed for the door and locked it, I knew if I don’t act wise that Anita’s scorned heart would push her into doing something unimaginable so I knelt down before her and Chioma and began to beg, as I held her by the hand and said

ME: Anita don’t anything harsh that we would both regret, you know am your husband to be, I will fix our wedding soonest, that was what I want to tell you later tonight

Marriage is the only word that can be easily be used to sway her, as I watched her heavy breath and bloodshot eyes clear, she immediately turned to Chioma and barked at her

ANITA: Will you get out of here you delilah, the devil wants to use you and ruin my happiness

Chioma just ignored her shouts and then began to wear her clothes gently and banged door behind her as she left, right there I drew Anita and began to kiss her, holding her by the waist as she looked me and said

ANITA: You see the style and better bang your giving these small girls abi? if we reach today and after proposing to me and don’t bang me well, thats when you and I would have problem


On a fateful monday in my office, seating and waiting for member of my church that would come for counselling or other church related issue, I heard my phone beep and I check to see who that was only for me to see an alert on my phone, some had paid three million naira into my account with the name Rejoice chukwu, it was strange to me because off hand I know all my wealthy church member and her names wasn’t in my head, after further inquiries from ferdinand my P.A, I was told that the lady with name Rejoice is a very young rich lady that just returned from abroad and is among the newest member in my church.

I made efforts to reach her but couldn’t, she usually comes to church late and from the pulpit I’ll see her sneak in church and sit at the back, the moment service was over, she would be among the first to leave too in her church, during one of my anointing service where members submit prayer request for me to pray for them, I watched as Rejoice joined the line and submitted her own prayer request in a yellow envelope, I couldn’t wait for service to end for me to open the envelope and then know her problems.

When I opened it in the convinience of my office, I just saw only one prayer point that reads

“Lord provide me a humble and faithful man that would follow to enjoy the wealth that you have blessed me with”

I couldn’t believe my eyes that a wealthy woman of such would be single why the poor ones have men crawling their feet, so I had to hatch a plan to make Rejoice accept my marriage proposal but in way the would be convinced that I was her Godsent, I instructed my driver to trail anytime she comes to church and is leaving, and he did that successfully and got her house address for me as I came up with my plan, I paid a guy to disguise like a mad man and then this was what ensued.


The mad man waited for Rejoice by her gate on her way to work, as she drove out, he waved at her and began to talk out loud

MAD MAN: Your pastor is your husband and you are here looking me, dey dia until them snatch you man from you

As he began to dance and act stupid and walked away, he did that to her on two other occassion and the job was complete,

As I stood at the pulpit the next sunday preaching, I noticed the way Rejoice was staring at me, her eyes didn’t go any other place through out the service, I called on her from the pulpit with loudness of the microphone

ME: Sis Rejoice make sure you see me after church, its very important, the lord has a message for you.

She met me in my office, I held her soft hands, looking at her well manicured nails and her they were glowing

ME: Sister the lord has been showing me your picture every night in my dream and with a clear message that you are my wife

She began to cry immediately as she stood up and hugged me saying

REJOICE: Truly you are man of God, I have been getting the signs on my own but was scared of confronting you

We hugged each other again as I gave her my handkerchief to wipe her tears, did moment she left Anita walked in but I was not sure if she heard my disscussion with Rejoice but her behaviour was normal so I shoved off any atom of fear, as I told her lock the office and she dropped her phone on the table and then immediately knelt before me and unbuckled my belt, looked up and kissed me deeply

as the unzipped me and scooped my flaccid d*ck into her mouth, Anita is a specialist in the department of blowjob, as she grabbed my d*ck looking at the ugly huge shaft of my cock, kissed it twice and then swallowed the full length, using her tongue to lick from the shaft to the base of my d*ck then slowly giving my d*ck a handjob as she take each balls into her mouth one after the other, her spit made my d*ck slippery as her hand ran fast up and down my cock, she would suck the shaft gently and then lick over and over before taking all into her mouth as she gagged on my d*ck, she let my d*ck stay in her mouth like a stick of lollipop and then wrapped her sweet tongue all over it, I jerked my hips fast as she sucked faster too

ME: Am cumming!

She stopped and took my d*ck out of her mouth and began to slap my shaft

ANITA: Don’t cum now! you have not bang me and you want to cum

The pain from the slap chased every excstacy height I had attained as she lifted her long skirt that was almost sweeping the ground, shifted her pant to a corner of her ass and then slowly sat on my thigh with my 7inches d*ck logged inside her already wet p*ssy and she then began to bang me like a Pro that she is, whinning her waist like a makossa dancer as I relaxed with my hand crossed at the back of my head, enjoy the sweet taste of nectar, I could not control my urge again as I grabbed her boobs and squeezed it and ruffled her clothes badly, before standing up and then putting her in the doggy position like the primary school punishment of picking pin, she was in that position as I dug deep into her now reddish sweet cunt, I grabbed her hands for support and banged so hard that I had to use my handkerchief to stuff her mouth so that she would not show, only for me to turn and continue with my butchering, I turned and looked at Anita’s phone on the table and saw that all the sex was been caught on tape

Stay tuned to Episode 5



  1. Pls complete some of story like why my pastor sleep with female members, the adventures i face as a home tutor and other. Let us know what happen at the end. Thanks

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