UNILAG students protest over death of fellow student (Photos)

University of Lagos Students have been protesting at the gate for hours now.

Both entrances to the campus have been blocked, and there is heavy security presence everywhere.

The students are protesting the death of a fellow student, Miss Oluchi Anekwe, a 300 level Accounting student who was electrocuted in the school campus yesterday.

The students blame the school management for her death, saying if the live wire that fell on her had been attended to, her death would have been avoided.

The students say the poor maintenance of facilities, equipment and wires in the school is responsible for this horrid incident.

The Students Union have cancelled all student academic & social activities for the day, in her honor.

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  1. This is too sad , too sad. How long Nigeria , How long Nigerians? Somebody probably stashed away funds for the maintenance in that school.I love my country so much but evil like this is why I just can’t live back home. In a responsible society , not only will someone be held accountable, the authorities would compensate the girls family with a huge financial settlement for negligence. Even settlement is still not enough for a lost life. A promising one for that matter. My heart bleeds.

  2. Imagine even with all d school fees they can’t maintain that school well. If I were her parents I will so sue the stupid school for negligence

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