I will expose OBJ, he almost fainted the first day he met me – Alamieyeseigha says

A former Bayelsa State Governor, Diepreye Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha has claimed that ex-president, President Olusegun Obasanjo nearly fainted the first day they met after his (Alamieyeseigha) release from prison.

The former governor said, though he had forgiven Obasanjo, who allegedly championed the campaign that led to his impeachment and subsequent incarceration, the experience, however, remained very painful to him.

Alamieyeseigha, who received state pardon from his former deputy governor and immediate past President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan, says that Obasanjo’s conscience had been pricking him because of the role he played in his political misfortunes.

He recalled that Obasanjo nearly fainted the first time he met him after his release from prison.

He said the former president, who met him accidentally at the Katsina Airport became jittery on seeing him and managed to shake hands with him.

Alamieyeseigha said: “I have forgiven all those who plotted against me, including former President Obasanjo. I know all those who plotted against me and sent me to jail. I cannot be living in the past as it does not help me in any way.

“What I passed through is painful all right but it would not have happened if it was not permitted by God.

It is even more important to me that I am still alive today because I passed through many shadows of the valleys of death and still came out of them. I have met Obasanjo at very close quarters twice since I came out of prison.

“I did not know that he was at the VIP Lounge at the Katsina Airport to attend the marriage of the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s daughter. Obasanjo came face to face with me at the airport when I went to use one of the rest rooms. It happened that as I opened the door to ease myself, I saw Obasanjo sitting face to face with me and he almost passed out.

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“But I held his hands. He was scared and he felt uneasy all through. Then he began to ask ‘DSP, DSP, DSP! What have I done to deserve shaking your hands?’

There were many people there, one of them was Kenny Martins, the then chairman of the Police Equipment Fund.

“I told Obasanjo ‘I was only shaking you for two reasons: one-because of the fear of the Almighty God, who created us and two, for the fact that I am the Ganuma Katsina and you are a visitor to my emirate and tradition demands that I should welcome visitors’.

“That prompted Kenny to get up also and greet me, saying ‘great leader, great leader’ and he came and hugged me.’’

The former governor said his second post-prison encounter with Obasanjo took place aboard a Dubai-bound flight where the former president met him seated in the business class and addressed him as ‘Fayose’ out of fear.

His words: “The second encounter with Obasanjo was when we met on a flight going to Dubai. When Obasanjo came, I was already seated in the Business Class and he had no choice but to greet me.

But because of possible fear of seeing me, Obasanjo called out ‘Fayose, Fayose, Fayose.’ I protested to him that I am not Fayose and I said:

‘Former President Olusegun Matthew Okikiola Aremu Obasanjo, you are a devil incarnate.’

“I warned him not to talk again or he would face my anger. And I tell you, throughout the flight he could not say anything to me.

“The only thing Obasanjo managed to say was to ask me whether I was the only one who had ever been sent to the prison. ‘DSP, is it only you that entered prison? Don’t you remember that I was also imprisoned? You entered prison and I also did.’”



  1. A figment of your own imagination. That Obasanjo almost fainted the day you shook hand with him? Forget it. Not the man that I know. Almost fainted for what? That a general rightfully jailed a thieving minnow? Please say something else and look here, Obasanjo jailed you before and will jail you again if given the opportunit

  2. We have so many shameless politicians in Nigeria who ordinarily in a sane society should belong to a forgotten generation but are still making notice and fighting to be relevant.

  3. Alams, save us some space and tell the world all you know about OBJ. If you wait until he passes on you; i repeat…….you will have to pay for his sins. Mark my words

  4. Someone should talk sense into this man and make him realise he would have become the president of this nation if not for his greed.His then deputy is now heaven (miles) ahead of him in the history of this nation.What a shameless shameless sham

  5. Shameless man. You were arrested in UK, jump bail, disguised as a woman, ran back to Naja. You were also impeached as governor. You were tried in a court of competent jurisdiction and sentenced to jail. Which one be allegation there now. Na Jona that gave you presidential pardon cause dis yeye. Thief

  6. I dont blame u Alameshiga, u hav d gut 2 talk bcos ur deputy GEJ whom u taught how 2 thief bcame president nd looted our treasury also shamelessly gave u state pardon.

  7. These politicians seemed to think that Nigerians are very unintelligent, and where they are knowledgeable, that attribute is easily beclouded by trivialities. And so they always hold their heads high a expect the commoners to always celebrate them. Mr. Politician, Obasanjo did not orchestrate your down fall, you did it independently and so brazenly at that. Lick your wounds, its as a result of your greed. It must be painful for you to know others that should have suffered the same fate as you in the GEJ era, but that is GEJ’s failure not Obasanjo’s and most certainly not Buhari’s.

  8. Shameless Alamieyeseigha. It is only in a country like Nigeria ppl like you talk in public. Not in this lifetime will Obasanjo be afraid of any partner in crime. Both of you are the same.

  9. And it seems you think what he did is justifiable is not outrightly right. Politicians have spoiled Nigerians and it will take decades of cleaning to effect the minds of the downtrodden. Ah!

  10. Every Nigerian Politician is a common thief! Non of dem deserve your praises. Alamco’s just a victim of d game. In February 2015, Oshiomole & Akpabio booked all d 1st class n biz class seats filled with young Nigerian ladies to n fro UAE for holiday. Gush……. the rest is story. No body wud spend their hard earned cash dat way. They re all thieves.

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