I want Fati Washa as a Wife – Kannywood Actor reveals feelings

Nuhu Abdullahi is unarguably one the most promising Kannywood actor today.

At 26, Nuhu has produced and acted in some of Kannywood’s blockbusters, like Baya da Kura this year. He won the 2015 City People Best Supporting Actor award. Nuhu Abdullahi is currently working on his new film ‘Ana wata ga wata’.

In an interveiw with Newsmen, ’ Mohammed Lere in Abuja, Nuhu spoke about his works, how he became an actor, and his Fondness for Fati Washa, a top actress in Kannywood.

nuhu abd

PT: What stirred you to join the Hausa film industry?

Abdullahi: Producing movies and acting have always been my dream since when I was very young. Whenever I was alone, I sometimes imitated one of the actors I was familiar with at that time, mostly Ali Nuhu – the way he danced or his acting style.

I never thought I would be this successful in just a short time. But thanks to my determination and willingness to commit my everything in to it and now I am going places. Any time I watch Ali Nuhu in any film I see a talent and a star. He has always been my idol.

PT: What were you doing before you started acting?

Abdullahi: I was a film producer. I joined the Kannywood industry as a film producer in 2009 and I have produced films like Fulanin Asali, Kuskure, Mujarrabi and others.

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PT: How did you then get to acting?

Abdullahi: One day, I was sitting beside Aminu Saira who was going through a movie script he was supposed to direct, and then he turned at me and said, “Nuhu, look at this script I want you to study it carefully because you will fit into a role there”. And that was the beginning.

PT: What is the title of the film?

Abdullahi: Ashabul Kahfi. It was my first film and I acted beside Sadiq Sani Sadiq and Ibrahim Maishinku

PT: One film that made your personality known in Hausa film was Kanin Miji. How did you feel about that role you played?

Abdullahi: Kanin Miji is my favourite film so far. I love the film because of the lesson it was portraying. You know it was about a culture that is practiced in the north where one can play with the wife of his elder brother without definite demarcation. In my own case in the film, I became too close to my elder brother’s wife which did not go well with him which later turned out to be something else. It happens in the north and the dangers of that is what the film portrays.

It was indeed a marvellous film that is dear to my heart because of the message.

PT: Which one Kannywood actress would you want to say is your favourite?

Abdullahi: Fati Washa is always my favourite and I wouldn’t even regret it if I said I love her. She is incredibly a wonderful person to me, she has always been nice to me and I mean it, I can do anything to make her happy, calm and very respectful.

PT: Why Fati Washa among all?

Abdullahi: Like I told you, I cannot explain why, all I know is I have a passionate regards for her and I appreciate her any day. I also have good friends like Rahama Sadau and others.

PT: Would you want her as a wife?

Abdullahi: Yes, if that happens I wouldn’t mind. When somebody is nice to you it is only fair that you reciprocate same to that person.

PT: Do you intend to marry anytime soon?

Abdullahi: Not soon because I am still in school and I intend to finish my school before I get married. I am in year two, at the Bayero University Kano, studying English. Not until when I finish, I do not intend to get married.

PT: What would you say about Ali Nuhu and Adam Zango’s relation in the industry?

Abdullahi: Ali and Zango are best of friends and that is all I can say for now.

PT: Have you ever won any award?

Abdullahi: Yes, recently I won the City People Award as the best supporting actor in the Kannywood category.

PT: How did you feel about that?

Abdullahi: I felt just good and also for me it is a challenge to do more.


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