See What a bride wore to her wedding that has got everyone talking

A bride has the right to wear whatever she wants as long as her groom, family and the church is okay with it but what this bride wore to her wedding caused major debate on social media with many saying it was inappropriate. Even the bridesmaid join sef…lol. But what do you guys think, was it too much?


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  1. I support u my sister
    See baggy boobs and the chief bridesmaid had to look stupid too to compliment the bride
    My God
    ADELOVE Biko give me their fone number so I remind dem never to hala at their kids if they dress like sluts outside in future

  2. Completely trashy. See the bridesmaid looking at the bride’s boobs in confusion too. While hers are about to pop out as well. Rubbish.

  3. No one has d right to criticise her but if d bride is a friend dat wedding dress doesn’t suite her half her breast is out, d pastor won’t even b able to look @ her

  4. Just wait for them to tell you if her husband is okay with it, then its cool.
    Women should learn to strike a balance and when to stop.
    There is nothing cool about what this bride wore, so disgusting.

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