Video of EFCC Operatives Raiding Diezani’s Abuja Home, Seal Property

There are 3 buses and multiple police cars outside the former ministers house. Clip below is a footage shot by The Osasu Show..




  1. I am expecting more arrests of many of the thieves who stole us dry during the last administration of PDP led by corruption friendly president Jonathan

  2. Nigerians should allow law to take its direction. Opposition should be left alone. I insist that even if buhari will not probe jonathan administration, Dizeana and wike should be probe.

  3. Buhari won his election with corruption. He was funded with stolen money. He even admitted it. He should start with his sponsors if truly he is fighting corruption and not seeking vengeance on the goodluck administration.

  4. Buhari’s funding was by the Nigerian masses. So anyone in the masses who has reason by the actions to fear prosecution should be very afraid…because now he, personally took an oath after the election that he knows he will answer to God for. So expect no sacred cows

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