Late Alamieyeseigha’s brother shares photo of the late former Governor while he was on life support

The younger brother to former Bayelsa State Governor, Ziworitin  Alamieyeseigha shared this photo of the late politician while he was on life support at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. It can be recalled that Alamieyeseigha died on October 10th from Cardiac arrest. May his Gentle Soul Rest in Peace Amen!



  1. Hmmm.. something is fishing here.. how can someone be dieing and you are there taking his picture. Are you sure this man is truly dead?

  2. Welcome to the new world, where instead of helping accident victims, people will be snapping and recording with their cameras.

  3. To feign death is not new to the human history. Lately, when 2pack Shakur saw it was impossible to escape his enemies, he feigned his death, and wasn’t buried but cremated so as to leave no room for autopsy in future. Despite his ‘death’, his music career still continues with lyrics in synch with current events.

    This selfie in an ICU is a funny pointer to my suspicion. Let the US and the UK government leave us alone cos we are currently “dead” and thus can’t stand any prosecution. If we choose to resurrect and live again, that’s a new life and old crimes died with our first death.
    When we did a transgender and escaped the UK police, we didn’t remain so, we quickly became men again and even got a national pardon. So if our people have forgiven our mistakes who is the international community to haunt us.
    Now let us see how you will hunt us down to the grave yard, as if you can’t see that we are “currently dead”

  4. Alams: You again. Haba. Minini. Biko. Why will you die at this important moment when the country needs you to help fight corruption. DSP I am sorry that you won’t believe what has been happening since your departure sorry ( demise) a few days ago. That your stupid cousin put your picture when you were on life support on the Internet. DSP did you ask him to do that? Please call or email him to retract it. Also that notorious DPJ the idiotic ex-1st lady came to your house acting dramatic and took a picture weeping for you and also put it on the Internet and call your wife “FELLOW WIDOW”.
    Alams, you won’t believe that your bald headed nephew you signed 10 checks for at the hospital told his girlfriend that the grey skirt he took from her house was meant for you to wear on your trip to Umulupo village. I remembered that you wore a Kaftan and not a skirt.
    Your cousin Timluck has promised to put more proves of your “demise” on YOUTUBE to convince UK & America. So don’t worry, but he said he will need more money to pay for it and newspaper advertorials. Stay safe and low key. O O, sorry Rest In Peace.

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