Chibok girls: PMB gives condition to negotiate with Boko Haram

President Buhari yesterday said he will only negotiate with Boko Haram members if they can show him that the missing Chibok girls are alive and well.

President Buhari said this while speaking with newsmen in Abuja.

“Unless there is an evidence that the abducted Chibok girls are alive, I would not go into any negotiation with any group or persons fronting for the Boko Haram”he said.

Speaking on his pledge to defeat Boko Haram by Decembe

r, President Buhari said:

“As soon as the dry season comes, which is by the end of the year, Boko Haram will virtually be out of their main strongholds and that will be their waterloo”.

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  1. Mr. President sir, with all due respect there’re no actions in your word’s. Nigerian’s are expecting you to pull actions and bring back the girls. General’s don’t talk they pull actions.

  2. My Fello nigerian we better reffer to the margot in the fish as fish so that nobody will take it as insult. Mr president is ur time carry go.

  3. I have nothing in common with Boko Haram and can not dialogue with them, says Buhari some months ago. After killing scores of his relatives, Buhari now have some thing in common with Boko. Whatever a man sow, so shall he shall reap.

  4. President Muhammadu Buhari you are right, may Allah help you to save the chibok girls and our great nation in general.

  5. Of course, they are, because the world is aware of their case. Unless they are back the world will want to know about them.

  6. i thought they said they are winning boko boys and routing them? its only in nigeria that you negociate with terrorists that you claim are fleeing their hideouts..i said that this buhari is the most confused of them all..

  7. Use your brain. After routing them, where are the girls. You can catch a kidnapper, but you have to negotiate where he kept the victim, especially if they are in a group. Killing him will still not give you the information you need. Use your brain, and stop being brain-washed.

  8. Brainwashing was done during GEJ as President. They used brainwashing to convince the North that GEJ and the military were comiting genocide against the North. They claimed the military was killing their Muslim brothers, which was why many of the soldiers refused to fight and giving all sorts of excuses. Others pretended to fight but gave away their military hardwares and equipments required to fight to BK. I guess they achieved the ultimate goal but controlling BK now, is another phase.

  9. Wonders full Nigeria! See mugu telling someone to use his brain. So when you ‘catch’ a terrorist, that is when you negotiate. It means Buhari has the terrorists under his care.

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