OMG!!! Medical Doctor Allegedly Beaten To Death By Her Husband In Lagos

A Consultant Paediatric Surgeon with Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), Dr Hestiana Thomas, has been sent to her early grave purportedly by her husband in a dangerous case of domestic violence.

The amiable doctor who had a passion for children, was allegedly a victim of regular batter by her husband and father of her two children, who is also a Consultant Clinical Pathologist at the same hospital.
Though the staff of the specialist medical outfit have been talking in hush tones about the death of the mother of two, it is a general consensus that she was beaten to death by her husband who has a history of beating her in the past.

She was said to have reported for duty some days ago, only for her to be brought in to LUTH battered last week.

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“A close examination of her body revealed a lot of lacerations. In fact, I noticed that the head had a deep cut. When other colleagues also saw her, they said there was a deep cut on her skull, because they saw pierced bone. Her colleagues, especially the female doctors, were stunned when Dr Thomas was rushed in,” a colleague who was part of the team that treated her told The Nation.

Meanwhile, the late wife’s colleagues are demanding that justice must be done.
Dear married couples, violence should never be an option in your home. If it gets beyond what you can by any means accommodate, just walk away in peace. That’s the worst you should ever contemplate.



  1. What a world! Instead of u. To appreciate your hardworking wife, u sent her to an early grave. U will never kno peace. She will torment u till u die. Useless man.

  2. Horrible. Just wasted a human being, a mother, and surgeon! How terrible. The disregard and violence against women and children by frustrated men must stop. Justice must be enforced.

  3. Am very sure the woman knew dat the man is an animal but still went ahead to marry him. Now she has been sent to her early grave.

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