(Episode 39) True Story of a beautiful lady i spotted from afar, her beauty got me attracted

Cassandra: ‘’oh my God!, you see not only is he obsessed with me. He is equally very violent. Please let’s go inside the house. Don’t put your dignity on the line by fighting him’’ Cassandra desperately said to the doctor who was obviously too stunned to react. I really felt bad after hitting him but the young man deserved it. He chose to insult me instead of being reasonable, something that i couldn’t take.

David: ‘’Cassandra I don’t know what your plans are, but trust me, you won’t live long. I will make sure your life becomes a living hell. Trust me this isn’t over’’ I threatened as I backed away with anger.

Manfriend: ‘’listen if anything happens to my Cassandra, you will spend the rest of your miserable life in prison. I swear, I will come after you with everything I got. Just get away from here before I call the police’’ the young doctor screamed at me. I scoffed, breathed deeply and left with a boiling heart.


I really was close to tears as I drove home. The pain of losing Cassandra, All I invested in her. My heart, my fortune, everything were now all lost. I really can’t describe how I felt that very day. I couldn’t do anything other than think about my life. There wasn’t any doubt that Cassandra was gone for good and my heart boiled with vengeance. But no matter how desperate I was to get back at her, I just couldn’t figure out what to do to the stupid girl.

Later in the evening, Chinedu showed up at my apartment to check up on me, because i was unable to go to my shop due to the pain in my heart. I wasted no time in telling my friend what happened and yes he really felt for me.

Chinedu: ‘’well that’s life. Simply move on and focus on your business. It’s true you aren’t getting any younger but I believe God will surely provide a way for you’’ he said softly.

David: ‘’’I just can’t let Cassandra go scot free. I have to make her suffer. Girls like her overshadow the good ones out there and if we guys should continue letting them get away with their devilish schemes they will continue getting bolder. Come on don’t you know what she did to me was nothing but a big scam. She scammed me my friend. She made a lot of money from me and who knows how much she has already gotten from that silly doctor’’ I lamented desperately while my friend stared at me with an open mouth. He was very surprised with the words coming from my mouth.

Chinedu: ‘’so what are you planning my friend?’’ he asked quickly.

David: ‘’I will make sure she never enjoys a moment of peace. I will spoil any relationship she makes and I equally will spoil her name before her family’’ I said seriously. Chinedu gasped.

Chinedu: ‘’you must be mad bro. how on earth are you going to accomplish that?. Don’t tell me you are going to abandon your future to pursue vengeance?’’ he asked curiously.

David: ‘’I will soon be the laughing stock of everyone. I believe Nora and her friends will soon spread my story. I have lost everything already and I can’t go down alone. Cassandra must go down with me’’ I breathed.

Chinedu: ‘’I really don’t understand you. You are too old for this. Come on be reasonable’’ he begged.

David: ‘’on Sunday I will go to Portharcourt to see Cassandra’s parents. You are going with me and I don’t need any excuses this time from you’’ I said seriously, leaving him with no choice than to shrug with resignation. He knew well not to reject going with me. He definitely knew that my head wasn’t normal anymore. All thanks to Cassandra.


The rest of the week went very slowly and badly for me. I recorded very low sales in my business and just like I feared, the new development with Cassandra spread like wildfire. It got so bad that some nosy neighbors had the guts to ask me one on one if the gossips they were hearing were true. I ended up quarrelling with all my neighbors, apart from Chinedu who still stood by me and on Sunday we embarked on a strange journey to Portharcourt city.

Visiting Cassandra’s family was one of the plans I made without clear focus. You have to understand that I was very desperate, angry and visionless. I just wasn’t myself and the pain in my heart just refused to go away.

Cassandra took many things away from me. She took my heart, my future, my feelings, everything I held dearly and tossed them away without any remorse. If not for Cassandra, perhaps by that moment I would have been happily married to Nora. I would have been a happy family man but Cassandra gave me hope. She gave me a very fake picture of love which I fell for because I thought she was the best.

All I had left in my heart was vengeance. I badly wanted to get back at Cassandra, not by taking her life but by destroying all she valued the most and my plan was to first start with her family.

I know this sounds unbelievable. Yes I was just a hopeless man looking for some closure.


You can’t imagine the suspense in the air as Chinedu and I made our way into Cassandra’s family house. Of course my heart pounded furiously while my head did some last minute calculations as we made our way to the quiet house. Chinedu on his part was very loyal but fearful. .

Chinedu: ‘’I hope you are not going to shoot anyone. Please don’t do it’’ he begged as we made our way to the living room. I smiled to myself, wondering what was probably going through his mind.


Cassandra’s mother luckily recognized me, saving me the pain of going through a long introduction. However Cassandra’s father failed to recognize me and I had to introduce myself all over again to him .

Cassandra’s Parent: ‘’so what really brought you here. We weren’t expecting you?” the old man asked, flashing a smile to put me at ease while his wife watched on. I kept quiet for some seconds before shocking them with the words that came out of my mouth.

David: ‘’you see, your daughter Cassandra messed me up. She duped me. She made believe she was in love with me and duped me of my hard earned money. Before I continue, I need to tell you that I don’t believe your daughter is actually a student . Maybe she is using that as a cover to dupe men like me. She derives joy in jumping from one man to another when her mates are in school studying to better their lives. Anyway it isn’t my business anymore. I’m here to collect all your daughter duped me.

…. Stay tuned to Episode 40

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  1. david didn’t love caassedra, he only love her because she is a student and also study medicine. which he want from a lady. if david have unconditional love for cassedra, no matter the situation is, he will never think evil to her.

  2. Well,Dave!u are a mumu as u’ve been tagged.It was a process u were meant to go through so dat u may see d danger of being selective.Just dust ur feet and move on my brother.All d best.

  3. Well,Dave!u are not a mumu as u’ve been tagged.It was a process u were meant to go through so dat u may see d danger of being selective.Just dust ur feet and move on my brother.All d best.

  4. CY JOY, u were right,I once date a girl I love must in my life but she doesn’t show care when I realize d fact, I av to let her be, after I left her I still call her to check her well-being even though it 2years back, although I still tell her fact about life but not my affection for her but she respect me a lot , also I don’t spend money to impress girl. If he really love CASSANDRA he will not behave like dat, or is he really expect refund from d old couple??????? Or are they present when she was milking his money??????? But Mr chinedu also disappoint me for d first time. Next episode plzzZZ.

  5. Hahaha…… Don’t be surprise when old couple will end replying u by saying to u “Story for gods”, get out of our house now or we call the youths to force u out…….Mr. Dave, if i were u, i will just forget about taking vengeance on miss Cass_me_dry and focus on how to make things right with the noble woman ” Nora”, But honestly if Nora rejects u, honestly ur own has finished but i don’t think she will do that because she a good woman with a good heart……Remember “vengeance is for God not for man”….….Next episode please

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