How Female fan lured me to perform for her in Oshogbo – Baba Tee, Best Up-Coming Actor in an interview

Actor, stand up comedian and MC, Baba Tee, who won Best Up-coming Actor at Afro-Nollywood Awards U.K speaks about his 10 years stage experience.

When was the first time you performed live on stage?

I started in 2005 at a show tagged Fuji Time at the National Arts Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. I also performed in 2007 at a Show tagged ‘K1 @ 50’ and that was a very exciting show. But I will say I started way back in school at Olabisi Onabanjo Uni­versity, Ago -Iwoye, where I used to entertain my colleagues.

Did you panic before the show?

Yes, before the 2005 show ,I was afraid because that was the first time I was performing outside the campus environment.

How were you able to overcome the fright?

It was through the love the audience showed me. Five minutes into the show ,the audience started clapping and the confidence came.

Did you take any stimulant before the show?

No, I’m very natural. If I take any form of stimulant I won’t be able to perform.

How do you prepare for a show?

I do rehearsals and I also do spontaneous jokes because when a joke is too long ,it loses its value. Because of this, I don’t watch comedy movies or watch other comedians perform.

On the day of the show, how do you prepare yourself?

I wake up early and the only thing that gives me energy is listening to Wasiu Alabi Pasuma’s music because that is the only artiste I grew up listening to. I have to confess, Pasuma’s music motivates me a lot and on the day of the show, I take only water because food does not make me smart and I take between three to four bottles of water.

How do you relate with your fans?

I try to manage them. Some want your attention; others could be aggressive while others are gentle. Life is about managing others ,so we manage ourselves.

What crazy thing has a male fan done to you?

A male fan once stopped me on the road and started hitting me very hard on the chest. Eventually, when I was able to break away from him, he said he was my fan and he was crazy about me. Some will call by midnight or very early in the morning just to gist with you.

What of female fan?

A lady once contacted me for a show and paid money into my account to come and perform in Oshogbo. On getting to the hotel where she booked a room, she came to me and asked that we sit at the bar and while we were chatting, she said she did not have any show for me. She just wanted to see my face so that I will crack jokes for her alone. She also tried to seduce me, but I turned her down stylishly and returned to Lagos.


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