(Episode 1) Story of a Lady with a beautiful smile that’s killing me softly

She had two gorgeous dimples when she smiled. He could not take his eyes of her. She seemed to smile at everything. When the wind picked up, she smiled. When asked a question, she answered with a ravishing smile. When the sun peeked harshly out of the sky to cast its burning eyes on humanity below, she smiled. Every smile that embellished her face sent his heart into an overdrive. He wanted so badly to talk to her. It was a matriculation ceremony and very few students knew their classmates well enough. She stood on the same queue with him, so certainly, she was in Chemistry.

In fact, he thought of her the whole weekend. On Monday, he scanned the lecture hall for her. She had to be somewhere in this hall, he thought. He had been early for class just to secure a vantage position, from where he would have a fine view of everything and everyone. Slowly, the class bulged with students, but she was nowhere to be found.

Debum: “Are you sure she is in our department?” His friend Dubem asked.

Chukwudi: “You saw her on our queue Dubem. She has to be in Chemistry,” he answered. Then, she appeared at the door with that impeccable smile on her face. Behind her was the same guy from the matriculation ground on Friday.

Dubem: “He is definitely her boyfriend,” Dubem said to Chukwudi.

The thought of that caused a manic convulsion in Chukwudi’s stomach. He said nothing in reply. The young man gave her a hug before walking away.

Finally, she entered the lecture hall and looked for a place to sit.

Chukwudi: “I am off,” Chukwudi announced to Dubem.

Dubem: “Good luck!” Dubem responded. Chukwudi waited for her to sit down before grabbing the next available seat near her.

Chukwudi: “Hi, I am Chukwudi,” he said. He was not about to mess around. He wanted to initiate a discussion right away. The sooner he found out who the other guy was, the better for him.

Linda: “I am Linda,” she replied. Chukwudi’s heart was beating fast. She was even more beautiful from close range. He hoped that she would not hear the pounding of his heart. He was both excited and scared.

Linda: “I saw you on Friday at the matriculation ground,” she said. The smile on her face had not faded for a second since they both sat down.

Chukwudi:** So she took notice of me on Friday**? Chukwudi wondered. Maybe she is interested. Or maybe I was looking at her too obviously.

Chukwudi: “Yes, I saw you too,” he replied.

Chukwudi: “Where are you from?”

Linda: “Anambra State,” she answered. “Umuoji, near Onitsha,” she continued.

Linda: “How about you?”

Chukwudi: “I am from Udi, here in Enugu State.”

They were interrupted by the lecturer’s grand entry. He kept staring at her from the corner of his eyes as he took notes during the lecture. She seemed to smile even when she took notes.

After the lecture, she got up to leave, but he wanted to be around her even more.

Chukwudi: “Where are you off to next?” He asked.

Linda: “I don’t know. I am just going to sit around here and there and wait for the next lecture.” “In that case, let me show you my favorite snack shop on campus. We can grab something to bite while we wait.”

Linda: “Sure, can we go now?”

Chukwudi: ‘Yes, if you don’t mind.”

…. Stay tuned for Episode 2



  1. lol.. AdeLove i hope you are not teaching these men how to scope beautiful ladies here oo.. i think i will like these stories too .. next pls.

  2. Dis one too is getting interesting, pls mr Adelove can u finish d story of lara and tony. Am dying to know what later happen to them. God bless

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