How Boko Haram Insurgency made Buhari fined MTN N1 Trillion

A source within the security circles (names witheld) told the Newsmen that the company, MTN should blame itself for the N1 Trillion penalty. See Excerpts:

“They engineered their own predicament. How would anyone or company at a time we are battling to defeat Boko Haram, keep millions of subscribers active?

“Reports got to the presidency via the office of the National Security Adviser. MTN was indicted and a directive was forwarded to industry regulator, NCC, to take immediate action.

“In recent months, whenever we arrest Boko Haram members, we find phones and SIM cards with them. MTN SIMs are more; we never find any data when checks are run. This is unacceptable and we hope the fine will make others sit up. The era of impunity is over.”

Confirmation of federal government’s anger was the ultimatum by the NCC to MTN to pay the fine by mid-Novermber or risks its license.

Had telecommunication giant, MTN Nigeria, foreseen the situation it is going through, the company would have taken its host country and industry regulator more seriously.



  1. FG has a good point to be frank. If MTN disabled all unregistered SIMs.. no boko haram will have access to phone to plan another evil plans against Nigeria. God Bless you Sai Baba!

  2. A desperate disease needs a desperate remedy. The era of business as usual is over. A right step in the right direction. Well done PMB

  3. Is not the same Nigerians that taught the MTN to defraud and misbehave in the country?MTN should leave Nigeria without wasting time. Bull Sheet!

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