Wow!!! Three Men who look exactly alike meet each other aboard a plane

A man was shocked to stumble on a total stranger who looks exactly like him aboard his flight to Ireland. The 32-year-old man, Neil Douglas, was on a flight from London, England, to Galway, Ireland, when a couple pleaded with him to swap seats so they can sit next to each other and he agreed.

On getting to his new seat, he saw a red-head bearded man who looked so much like himself. According to Douglas, “I asked him to move and when the guy looked up I thought that he looks like me.”

The lookalike, Robert Stirling, 35, who was on the Ryanair flight to Ireland, was also surprised to see the man who looked so much like him. The two strangers who look like twins decided to take a selfie only for them to find someone on the same who looks like a older version of them. The man Dan Kanach who looks like their brother also decided to take a selfie with the strangers and they shared it on Twitter.



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