Alas! Saraki escapes CCT trial following Supreme Court’s order

According to NAN, The trial of the Senate President, Bukola Saraki, at the Code of Conduct Tribunal, CCT, has been suspended, following an order by the Supreme Court suspending trial pending the determination of his appeal. This according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) was disclosed by the Public Relations Officer of the tribunal – Ibraheem Alhassan, in Abuja yesterday, November 23rd 2015.



  1. The verdict of the Supreme Court of Nigeria on the appeal of stay of proceeding filed by the incumbent Senate President in person of Dr. Bukola Saraki challenging the jurisdiction of CCT on the allegation of false declaration of assets. There is no doubt that the decision reached by the apex court has been raising a lot of legal arguments, opinions and debates. It is however fundamental to raise these posers as regard the apex court ruling:
    1. If truly the Act was enacted to ensure that the system of administration of criminal justice in Nigeria promotes efficient management of criminal justice institutions (to wit the apex court is not exempted), speedy dispensation of justice, protection of society from crime and protection of rights and interest of suspect; could it be said that the ruling of the apex court as delivered by Hon. Justice Fabiyi lead panel guarantees or promotes the aims and objectives of the said Act or slaughter same?
    2. By virtue of Sections 306 & 369 of the said Act, the former which prohibits stay of proceedings while the later states that all notices of preliminary objection shall be taken after the trial; could it be said that the apex court was not aware of these sections and the provisions therein or the learned justices intend to test the veracity of these provisions and or render same void and nullity?
    3. If the Act is truly an enactment of the Federal of Nigeria as enacted by the National Assembly and enjoined the assent of the President of the FRN; could it be said that the apex court has the liberty to disregard the intents and purposes of the said Act which could not be said to be repugnant to justice, equity and good conscience with her ruling of 12/11/2015?
    Going by the words of the late Hon. Justice Chukwudifu Oputa (JSC) in the case of Eperokun v UNILAG where the learned justice said and I quote: “we (apex court) are final not because we are infallible but we are infallible because we are final”. In light of this postulation, it may be inferred that the apex court can do and un-do if proper check is not put in place to address the power vested in apex court.
    Hence, it is highly fundamental to call on the apex court to revisit her decision and right the wrong in order not to set a bad precedent more importantly for our criminal justice system. A stitch in time saves nine!

  2. Good news. The trial has been a distraction. Legislate and give us fuel and stable economy. For now GEJ’s worst days are like golden days.

  3. In other wards, Saraki is untouchable
    This trend whereby those under trial for corruption would run to the court and get dodgy injunctions to suspend trial will never help the case of this nation, regarding fighting corruption
    The judiciary should not allow itself to be seen as safe haven for wealthy criminals

  4. in other words, Saraki is untouchable
    There is a problem in any society where powerful and wealthy individuals under trial would run to the courts to get dodgy injunctions to suspend proceedings
    This dangerous trend would not help the case of this nation, regarding the fight against corruption

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