OMG!!! My new Neighbor is a good fuc.k … He’s so good!

Moving to a new place was always a problem. I looked at my new house… I loved town houses. As the moving truck backed into the compound, one of my neighbours walks out of his town house. He had a woman with him. She was pretty and he wasn’t so bad himself. He looked really nice but I wasn’t too concerned. He smiled at me and I returned the favour. It seemed like he was still looking because I felt strange eyes on me.Not more than 30 minutes later, he was back.

“Hello.” He said with a smile.

“Hello back.” I smiled.

“We are going to be neighbours.”

I rolled my eyes. That wasn’t obvious?

“If you need anything, let me know. Can I help you move in?”

I needed the help. So I showed him what to do. He obliged.

After a couple of hours of moving in and arranging as much as I could for that day, I smiled and thanked him a lot.

“No problem. Since you don’t have any gas, would you like to come over to mine tomorrow? I cook, to a point.”


“Nothing oh! Just breakfast and a conversation… If you don’t mind.”

I needed to eat.


Next day… I am standing in front of his door, in pyjamas because… No one cares. He opened the door smiling because he was in pyjamas also. His house smelled good. I came hungry hoping to leave happy.

“Sleep good?”

“I am not used to sleeping alone. I moved out of my parent’s house.” We walked into his kitchen. He was still cooking. I imagined him bringing this to me in bed.

“That is nice that you cook. I’m sure your girlfriend would be really happy.”

“Girlfriend? No.”

“Oh I thought…” Then I knew to just shut up.

“We may not be dating but we can get serviced once in a while no?”

“Yes.” I smiled.


“Do you have a man?”



We ate and talked for a long, long time. Eventually lunch time passed without us knowing. I looked at the time and I was shocked! It was nearly 6PM!

“I have spent the whole day here!”

I had lost track of time talking with him. It felt good but I had so much to do!

“Would you stay for dinner?”

“Can I go home to shower and then come back?” I asked because I felt like a dirty girl.

He said okay and I split.

I took a shower and I was back at his within the hour. He seemed happy to have me back there. He had already prepped for dinner so while he was cooking it, I stood there and we spoke, laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Moving to a new place wasn’t so bad after all.

We ate while watching a movie and he was seated right next to me. I looked at him and he seemed really interested in the movie. I had seen the movie before so I could afford to concentrate on something else. When the movie was done I walked to the balcony to get fresh air really. I felt like I needed to get back to mine before I allow unnecessary horniness rule my school of thought.

Before I could turn around, there he was behind me. I looked at him in a way that I knew he knew I wanted whatever he could give me.

“Look, I just met you…” But before anything else could be said, he silenced me with a kiss.

I couldn’t even hold back. I let him in my mouth, tongue and all. My lips enveloped his and I allowed his tongue to rummage through my mouth. We kissed and kissed like forever but I loved it. I had a dress on so it was very easy. I could feel his hands pulling my dress up, my butt out in the open for total breeze. What if the neighbours saw? That was my cue to have some sense.

I pushed away a little bit but he still had a smile on his face. It was like he knew no matter what I was going to get it and get it good. I walked back into the living room and I had two choices… go upstairs to the bedroom or go downstairs and out the house. I could feel him walking close to me, I had to choose quickly. Before I could make a decision, my legs were on the first step… leading upstairs. At that point, I let it go.

We got into the bedroom, he stretched out on his bed and I got on it with him. He crawled towards me and we started kissing again. I allowed myself enjoy it without thinking if I could anymore. He was now lying on top of me, kissing me. He pulled my dress up to reveal my bad side again… I had no underwear on.

He got off the bed and pulled me to the edge. He kissed my inner thighs, spread my pussy lips and told me something I just found out that year…

“Your clit is big you know.”

With that information, he sucked all my clit into his mouth. My back arched as I grabbed the sheets. He sucked, licked and all I did was take all the pleasure. I tried to move my hips up and down but the pleasure he was giving required no work from me. All I needed to do was lay there and take it.

Several minutes after, I was near breathless… close to an orgasm but it was like he didn’t need me to cum just yet.

By the time I looked up, his clothes were gone. I looked down at his dick, my… oh… my… I was in for it. It was straight, long, thick and looked near perfect. I wanted to taste him. I told him to switch positions with me. He did. I licked his shaft from bottom to head. He hissed. I teased around his cap for a bit, the hiss got louder. I didn’t want to tease anymore so I went full throttle with his dick in my mouth. He wasn’t hissing anymore, it was an outright moan. I took his dick in my throat and all of it could go in; he was that long! I sucked him just like he did me. I took my mouth to his balls and gave him a hand job while I was on sac duty. The moans turned to words… wow, damn, you’re good!

I got my mouth off his dick smiling. While he was just there, wondering how he was going to pay me back.

“I don’t cum quick. You have entered one chance o.” He said to me.

“Let’s see…” I retorted. Talk is cheap. I took off my dress.

I bent over and put my ass in the air. I was soaking, dripping wet. I was so eager to feel his dick glide into me.

When he slid his dick in, I was not even close by disappointment. That was a dick. He gave my pussy every inch of him and my pussy gladly accepted. He drove in slow, like he needed my pussy to understand his machinery. He was teasing me. I backed it up and it seemed like I asked for it. He unleashed it all on me. He pounded my life away. My mouth was open, I was moaning but it wasn’t sexy, controlled moans; it was the one I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I wanted to. It was all reflex. My body was not mine.

He kept on fucking me and I held the sheets tighter with every master stroke. He was so ready for me, I was scared. At a point I felt like I could feel him in another organ.


He pulled out of me and I fell over. He walked all the way around and asked…

“Ever fucked in an office?” I shook my head. “Get up. We are going downstairs.”

Now, it was a townhouse. He had three floors. His office was on the bottom floor. I walked out the room, naked and dazed. He walked right behind me. I looked up at him and he returned my gaze. What was going on?

We got to his office and I got on the couch, putting my ass in the air one more time. This time I was determined to fuck him back. As he slid into me, I moved my hips. He fucked me hard but I fucked him harder. I backed it up, not stopping but then he held my hair and decided to show me he was boss. He owned this pussy.

He slid out again and sat on the couch. I climbed over and sat on his dick. I was riding slowly but he was looking right at me. His eyes told me to kick into gear five anytime, I obeyed. My riding picked up speed. I felt so much happening at the same time. My orgasms were violent. I held on to him while he shifted my body weight so he could fuck me to oblivion. My legs were vibrating. I could feel the downpour I was about to erupt all by myself. I had to announce its arrival; I’m cumming was screamed loud into the air. Three more thrusts and I was jelly fish. I shook till I hit the ground. he got up looking at me still ready to give me more but I was scared I couldn’t handle more. I tried to run away. But he got me…

He took my pussy into his mouth again and I was near screaming. This time I had to move my hips because the pleasure was too much.

He stopped, looked at me and asked me to go back to the bedroom.

I just obeyed. No need to argue or recommend spots. Let him just own it till he was done. It felt like it took me ages to walk up to the bedroom. When I got there I peacefully got on the bed.

“Let’s be mummy and daddy” he said. I spread my legs as he balanced in between them. His dick and my pussy were acting like best friends. They found each other real quick. They didn’t need our help. He took it easy. We kissed as he thrust in calmly into me. When we stopped kissing Dr. Jekyll left the building. Mr Hyde took over. Pounding like there was no tomorrow, like it was the last sex before we died. There was a sense of urgency in his thrusts. He tightened his grip on me, he was going to cum.

A few more severe pounds and he grunted into a moan and fell over.

That was the last thing I remember. All I know is I woke up butt naked to a man curled around me… also butt naked.

I am always going to need sugar from this particular neighbour…


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