Rough sex in a car at Third mainland Bridge in Lagos … Interesting Short story! (18+ please)

I couldn’t believe I was in this mess. My car had just packed up on third mainland bridge. I had a meeting at 8:30pm and there I was on the bridge thinking about what to do. I had looked for my phone but apparently in the rush to get to the meeting early I forgot it at home. This was becoming the very best day of my whole entire life.

This main issue was how to get to the meeting without getting fired. Firstly my boss doesn’t know what to say; all he knows how to do is yell. Secondly, we are going to meet the man that every bloody person wants to meet, personally and business wise. I was so doomed. I came out of my car, took out my bag and the next thing in my mind was to walk till I got off the bridge or at least saw someone to give me a ride. As I locked my car, I got so mad I started kicking the bloody thing. How could it just ruin my life without a substantial prior notice? Then I heard a voice behind me.

“Trying to kick start the car or break your leg?”

I turned around and there was this god like creature peeping out of the back seat of a sexy white escalade. Damn, so this was my luck? Praise be to the engine of this beautiful vehicle!

“Hello, I’m sorry. I’m just a little frustrated.”

“Don’t apologize to me, apologize to the car. It’s the one taking the brunt of your wrath.” He smiled. “let me clear off the road and my driver can help you figure out the issue. You may want to step into my car when we park…”

I smiled. Of course I would step into your car and do much more if you let me but I couldn’t say that now, could I?

They parked and the driver got down and opened the door behind him for me. I stepped into the car and I was seated next to this beautiful man. Oh wow. He smelled beautifully. He was smiling as I sat in the car and I smiled back at him but I took my face away.

“I’m Christopher. You are?”

I looked at him and he was just so fine. I knew I was going to fuck up and say something foolish but I tried to hold myself.

“Yves, although I said Eve, my name is like the YSL designer. My mother had a funny mind.”

“Well you are pretty enough for a unique name.”


The driver knocks on the window next to me and I get startled. I pressed the button for the window and the driver explained that we would have to tow the vehicle. I was expecting anything less. Christopher called a towing company and they said they were coming over. I was wondering how anyone could get a hold of a towing company at this time. He must be quite the important personality.

“They’ll be here in 30 minutes.”

“There goes my job and my meeting.”

“Mr. Paul, stay by her car.”

Well Christopher and I got to talking and I realized he really didn’t make me shy after all. 20 minutes into our conversations we were sort of like a month old friends. Nothing overly personal had been discussed but I explained what I do and my job and all of that. He told me if I lost my job I could come work for him. I told him I wouldn’t mind.

“It’s so funny because I stopped because I wanted to help a mad person not knowing that you are quite the sexy, brilliant babe.”

“Wow, I’m blushing.”

“Your smile is giving me a hard on.” He whispered but I heard. I laughed loud. I had a thought about fucking him right here and now but I don’t have the heart for such a move and he probably doesn’t want that either.

“Have you ever done anything in a car?” he asked me without looking at me. I pretended not to hear…

“What did you say?” I looked from his head down to his bulge and man was there a bulge! I looked at his face only this time he was staring at me. He had seen me look at it. His eyes were sharing the thoughts his mind was having. I swallowed… not that kind of swallowing…

“Have you ever, made love, fucked rough, or sexed anyone in a car?” he was looking at me, into my eyes, I swear he could see my soul but for some reason I couldn’t look away. I felt a kind of wetness between my legs…

“The real question is do you want to make love to me or fuck rough or sex me in your car?” when I thought about that response I just gave that obviously came out of my pussy rather than my head, I knew for a fact that I had just jumped into something I may not be able to handle. Why the fuck did I just say that?

“I can show you the answer to that question… just know that it is not a no.”

A knock on my window came again. Christopher reached towards me to press the button for the window.

“Sir, the towing company is here. Madam, can you write your address down so that we can take the car home. I will follow the car sir. Is that alright?”

“Yes, Mr. Paul.”

I write down my address on a piece of paper and hand it over to Mr. Paul. “Thank you sir.”

“Yes madam,” Mr. Paul was gone. The towing company left and Christopher stretched towards the front, locking the car centrally.

“Where were we?”

I swallowed again. I had two options… say no to this man, let him drive me to my meeting which I was mad late for and get fired or fuck this god looking man, let him drive me to my meeting even later and still get fired… one way or another I was going to get fired because the meeting started almost 30 minutes ago. And something in my brain just said: “fuck him”… and I that point, I launched an attack to his lips taking them in mine like an enraged animal. I felt his tongue in my mouth.

He grabbed me close to him till I was pressing myself on top of him. He grabbed my butt cheek, and squeezed so tight, I moaned into his mouth. I felt my nipples get harder as I pressed against his chest, wrapping my hands around his neck. As he took his hands up my skirt, into my underwear, feeling my bare skin on my butt, something just zinged into my head… what the fuck was I doing with a man I met a little over one hour ago.

“Stop!” I pushed myself off him and I cleaned my mouth, adjusting myself the same moment. What the hell was I doing? I didn’t know him or vice versa… but I wanted him… and this was wrong.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to jump you like that… if I could be dropped off anywhere…” and before I could finish that his lips were on mine again. This time I didn’t have the strength to push him away. I wanted it… I needed it…

He pulled my underwear, and then I heard it rip. He whispered in my mouth: “sorry, I’ll stop now”

“Don’t you dare…” I whispered back.

He slipped his fingers in between my pussy lips and he caught my clit in between his fingers. I moaned into his mouth. His lips moved to my ears and his fingers massaged my clit. He licked from ear to jaw line, while I tried to grab whatever was in my way.

He took his hands out of my pussy and licked it. Oh wow, what a freak! He unbuttoned my dress and slipped it off me real slow. He wrapped his hands around me reaching for the hook of my bra and he kissed me slowly, no tongue, just lips smacking mine. He moved back a bit and slowly removed the straps of my bra until I was in all of my glory… ripped underwear, bra over the driver’s seat and my dress on the passenger’s side… he’s fully clothed.

“Are you wondering why you are the only one naked?”


“I need to focus… we need to take things slow but fast. I have a meeting I’m late for as well. In 30 minutes we will be done, I promise.”


He took off his jacket and tie, placing then neatly next to my dress. He took off his shirt, revealing the most beautiful body I had ever seen… those lines leading into his pants…

He looked at me in the eye and moved towards me. He pecked me lip again and the he kissed my chest, he kissed all around my breasts, the he softly bit around my nipples. My back arched up, I needed him to not tease, and we had about 20 something minutes to go. Like he heard my cry, he took my left nipple in his mouth, sucking it with his teeth and he took my right nipple in between his fingers.

My nipples had the sensitivity of a thousand standing nerves and the AC in the car didn’t make it any easier. As we worshipped my breasts, taking the right nipple in his mouth, I tried to unbuckle his belt. He moved down towards my navel. I knew he was going to tease me again as he continued to lower himself but I was wrong, he knew time was not on our side… he suctioned my entire clit into his mouth. And I moaned, pushed my waist up and grabbed his head. There was no stopping this man. He put about 2 or 3 fingers in my pussy, hitting my g-spot as he sucked and licked on my clit. The thought of knowing he was enjoying this nearly as much as I was added to the build up inside me. I had never had an orgasm of this magnitude. Every part of me was shaking. I leaned forward, held his head tight and literally screamed the orgasm out…

He gave my clit a quick lick with his tongue and then a nice slow rub with his wet pussy juice covered fingers. I took his fingers in my mouth, pretending it was something else while my hands worked his belt off. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled it down to his ankle. He took his fingers from my mouth, moved up so his face was next to mine and he slid his hard dick into my very tight pussy. I wrapped my legs around him and dug my nails into his back. He bit my ear and my neck then he started moving in and out of my pussy very slowly. We had about 10 minutes left… I needed to cum 2 more times at least.

“Faster please” I begged… but no he maintained his tempo… moving in and out like he was paving the way for more. With every stroke into my pussy, an “AH” came out of me. He moved a little faster, but not what I needed… fuck time, let him ravage me however he wanted. He took his dick in and pushed in and didn’t move out, he just stayed…

“YES!” was what came out of me. It was beautiful… no movement yet there was movement… I didn’t know how wild this could be. Then he slid his dick out of me slowly and asked me to turn around. I knelt down where I had been sitting, with my breasts on the window. If anyone could see us… big deal.

He held my waist as I placed my hands to brace what was going to happen and like a force of nature, he slammed his dick into me and I screamed out pleasure beyond comprehension.


He kept on slamming into me hard, he knew we had to hurry, the first power thrust got me shaking… about 6 thrusts in and I couldn’t hold my cum anymore. My juices flowed down my thighs like a tap as I shook in his arms. But he wasn’t stopping. He continued to pound into me, faster with every thrust… he grabbed my breasts by the nipples as he slayed my pussy with his dick repeatedly, hitting the only spots that needed to be hit. He took one hand down my torso, in between my legs and he placed his fingers over my clit like a clamp. The pressure of his hand on my clit and the pounding in my pussy… my head was spinning… I felt the pleasure in my toes, then calves… moving up… he wasn’t stopping… he was cuming too… faster, faster, not stopping, hitting, my goodness… I was cuming… he was cuming… I didn’t understand what was happening but as he came with one last thrust to my g-spot, I squirted all over the window. He wrapped his arms around me as we both shuddered from the pleasure of an orgasm. He pinched my nipples tight and hard as I let myself overflow all over his car… thank you Christopher for buying leather seats.

We drove up to my spot for the meeting, apparently it was in the same restaurant. When I walked in, shy to look at him I walked into the bathroom. I made myself look presentable and tried to wipe myself down again before I leak cum all over my dress. I walked into the restaurant looking for my boss. There he was sitting across 2 people. I was about an hour late, I was so getting fired. I walked up to them and looked at my boss immediately apologizing.

“I’m so sorry sir! My car died on third mainland.” I turn to our guests and I see the man I had just fucked senseless about a few minutes ago is the son of the man we have a meeting with.

“Oh I had troubles on third mainland too… that place can be dampening on ones mood” Christopher said to me and smiled. He got up and pulled out the chair for me to sit on.

“Is this the lovely lady that will be working with us to develop the project” the older man asked.

“Yes she is.” My boss replied.

“Good then its settled.” Christopher said. “she shall come to my office and work from there but for tonight I will be more than happy to drive you home… maybe you can spill some more about the plans you have.”

He was using words to reference my squirting…

“Yes we will have an in depth talk, that’s when the spilling comes naturally…”

He’s taking me home but he ain’t leaving till my pussy begs him to stop!



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