Here’s the Naija Female Student that Went Clubbing, Got Drunk and Took off Her Clothes … See more photos

This is a Nigerian university girl that went clubbing with her friends on Friday last week but unfortunately decided to high her self by drinking a lot of alcohol more the ones her head can carry and immediately she started misbehaving and took off her cloth… Now this is the result. See below:

9ja girl2




  1. The old man certainly is not your biological father. Check your DNA. He is merely punishing u because your mother cheated on him or being wicked. You probably seduced him too. You seemed to enjoy every act except the first due to pain.thereafter u took control. Move on with your life, get married in the court, forget native law, tell the court u lost both parents. Make it a quiet court wedding far away from your present dwelling. If the boy refuses, forget him. Life is too short. Can u change your past or who u were?

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