The Birthday Se.x at Toyin Street Ikeja (short story) … 18++ please

I wanted birthday se.x. From the moment he picked me up for my birthday dinner that was all I thought about. I didn’t think anything was going to happen but I hoped it would because the birthday was craving a birthday service.

It was a great dinner but my mind wouldn’t let go on the se.x. He took me back home. We sat in the car gisting about the utter randomness of life and our jobs. My parents were in the house so if he came in, that was the end of the birthday se.x dream. It was time for him to head home. I wanted to go home with him but he had company and I wasn’t about to meet any family members. I gave him a kiss and got out the car. We both waved goodbye. Fuc.k, I was horny but it didn’t seem like I was going to get any.

As I walked into the house I realized, waiting for something I wanted so badly was a lazy outlook on life. I dropped my bag at the front door, took off my underwear, picked up my phone and told him to turn around.

“What happened?” He asked really concerned.

“I left something in your car.” I lied. Something was all I could come up with.

I waited outside and I saw him turn into the corner. When he parked, PHCN struck. The darkness took over along the Toyin Street, ikeja and it felt like no one wanted to turn on their generator which was fine by me. Nobody needed to see the birthday princess be dirty.

I got into the back seat of his huge SUV.

“What are you doing?” He turned around to look at me really confused.

I lifted my dress to reveal me… His eyes opened.

“I took off my underwear.”

“I can tell. I can see.” He turned the music louder and the AC higher. He got out of the car and got into the back seat with me.

I rested my back on the door and spread my legs wide enough. My legs used the headrests as a spread support. He didn’t even ask me what I wanted; he just knew what to do. He went straight for my clit and I pushed it into his mouth more. He flicked his tongue all around my clit and then he sucked. I moved my waist up and down following the rhythm of the pleasure he was giving me. My birthday was going to be great after all.

I held his head tight as the pleasure was getting more intense as time passed by. With every flick and suction I was getting closer to my release point. He grabbed my thighs in a way that kept them apart. My legs began to vibrate. I was going to cum really hard. I tried to hold on to anything I could but that felt like the most difficult mission ever. My moans were loud, the screams came in intervals but they were masked by the music in the background. I huffed and puffed and then I let it all out. He didn’t stop sucking on my clit as I came in his mouth. To make the orgasm more intense, he sucked on my clit harder and shook his head.

He didn’t let me settle in the orgasm, he had already undone his pants. I could feel the sense of urgency in his movements.

“Fuc.k me please.” I begged. I needed him to hurry and give me a dose of what I needed. He saw I was more eager than he was so he decided to relax his own urge. Then, He began to tease.

He held his dick above my extremely wet and teased my clit with the head. He slid his dick inside my slowly and I moaned happily. But as soon as it was in, It was out. He smiled but I was in pain; I was in need. He teased me like that for over five minutes but I had had it.

“It’s my birthday. Please, fuc.k me. Please.”

He could sense the longing in my voice, see it in my eyes. I needed him to devour me. This time he slid his dick and let his waist do the talking.

He thirsted into me with the same sort of urgency he had sensed in me. He wanted this just as bad which made it even better. I could feel my juices flow in between my butt cheeks. I held on to him as he pounded away. I could feel my orgasm crawl in my legs. The power in his waist was wonderfully delicious.

He grabbed my breast and kissed me so deep as he drove into me harder. He moaned into my mouth.

“I want to cum with you.” He said. “Please cum for me baby.” That took me to the edge.

The way he whispered it to me, the way he called me baby… He was too much for me. I couldn’t hold back. I dug my fingers into his back. I was shaking uncontrollably. He put his hand on the window to support the strength he was using to pound out my orgasm.

“I’m cuming. Oh my goodness. Yes! Don’t stop! Please!” And the intense orgasm overtook my whole existence and I heard him grunt into an orgasm with me. He fell on my chest as we were both breathing hard. I wrapped myself around him, happy.

My first birthday se.x was worth it.

“No doctor would recommend us for each other. That was too intense.” He said after he had caught his breath.

I know exactly what he meant. My chest was still trying to beat itself out of my chest.

This dose was too strong…



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