Buhari wants to tarnish Dasuki’s image because Dasuki is becoming 2019 President – PDP alleges

According to Report from PDP Party, has accused the President Muhammadu Buhari’s Federal Government of persecuting and not prosecuting former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col Sambo Dasuki, (rtd) because it perceived that the former NSA may run for the office of the President in 2019. The National Publicity Secretary of PDP, Olisa Metuh, in a statement on Saturday further alleged that Buhari and the APC were using the ongoing fight against corruption to target and destroy the opposition.


The statement reads, “It is sad and embarrassing that President Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade has now been reduced to a war between the APC and the PDP as declared by the office of his spokespersons. Since they have confirmed that this is what the anti-corruption crusade is all about, the APC is obviously seeking to destroy the PDP so that it can push through Buhari’s second tenure in 2019 without opposition from the PDP.

“This has also confirmed our concern that this is the reason the Federal Government is persecuting, and not prosecuting, Col. Sambo Dasuki. The APC and its leaders fear that Dasuki, given his vast political and security network, may be harbouring a presidential ambition, more so that the PDP has zoned its presidential ticket to the north.”

It further claimed that the PDP was aware of an alleged “sinister plan by the APC-led Federal Government to completely decimate our party” by raking up corruption charges against the ex-President, Goodluck Jonathan administration and leaders of the PDP with a view to taking them to court on orchestrated charges.

The PDP spokesman also alleged that Buhari had directed security agencies to be more vicious in dealing with PDP members, adding that the Presidency had allegedly continued to “subtly coerce the judiciary to convict those being charged to court.”



    • This is dementia on Olisah Metuh and PDP’s part. The ranting of a rat,in a civilized and developed society,people like him and his party would have covered their heads in shame,yet he rants crap. What a crass individual.

  1. U can now see how useless and visionless d PDP as a party can be.So,they have it as a plan 2 field Dasuki 4 presidency come 2019?what a smooth ride dat would b for APC.

  2. PDP is never a serious party. Dasuki must dance the music he orchestrated.
    Nigerians’ eyes are wide opened.

  3. Should all accusations be affiliated with party issues, after all cash were been released for a purpose, yet got frustrated to the detriment of human lifes……please allow justice to reign.

  4. Who cares about what comes out of clueless Metuh’s mouth, just like Fani Kayode and Fayose they have nothing serious in their brainless sojourn. They talk before they think and we are tired of their hate speech

  5. But APC should present the corruption case against Dasuki in a court of law and respect the decisions of the court.
    Contineous detention of Dasuki is disobedience to court order.

  6. Mumu party people of all person in Nigeria presidential candidate ( not Sultan again) Dasuki killer, looter and PDP ATM. I dey laugh. Awon Aseri.

  7. This is madness which one of them that are indicted have no case to answer. Even if it is selective justice, it is stilll justice. If PDP can build up a credible person who can win election not the like of Theives and Rouges they want to field 2019 then they also can help us deal with their likes in APC my take is anyone who is guilty as charged should face the music either APC OR PDP OR anybody at all. No more business as usual. Nigeria must fulfil her destiny anyone that will hinder it God will destroy, APC, PDP, NON PARTY Person.

  8. Mr metuh has done an irreparable damage to the modicum of honour left with the Pdp.
    Publicity secretaryship is not about garrulousness in a most irresponsible way.
    We will not keep quiet and allow reactionary elements take us on a reversed denouement.
    Dasuki presidency can only happen in the perverse imagination of the enemies of Nigeria.
    Our Pvc is our weapon,and we will send them to their political grave come 2019.

  9. Olisa Metuh is just a pretender. Even if Dasuki is dreaming this, there is no political solution to this monumental looting. 2019 is still far away… Till then keep on your dancing shoes Dasuki. If you like make Gej ur running mate when u contest from prison.

  10. Where was the so-called court when our soldiers’ lives were being wasted because this evil act that got Dasuki indicted in the first place? How many criminal politicians have been brought to judgement with a commensurate punishment to their crimes since pdp is incharge? Nigerian, lets welome change in statu- quo for our general good.

  11. I think Olisa Metuh should be rational as old as he is.The PDP has damaged the country beyond repair.Infact,if this rogues involved in the Armsgate were Asians where laws are respected,i assured you,they must have all been sentenced to death by hanging.

  12. I think Olisa Metuh should be rational as old as he is.The PDP has damaged the country beyond repair.Infact,if this rogues involved in the Armsgate were Asians where law is proctected&respected,i assured you,they must have all been sentenced to death by hanging.

  13. Some people are party crazy, not economic or developmental focus. Their minds are lost. They are myopic. Infact, they are totally blind. How in a world, will this PDP thinking of saying this. Can they see PMB is prospecting, even if PMB is slow. At least, Malam Baba PMB is working, and he is not selfish, like the useless PDP and political thugs like Tinubu and Fayose.
    Madam Baba PMB, ride on. We, ordinary Nigerian are with you. 2019 is certain for you. But please, increase your pace. We need more actions, less talk. You are done this before, then, I was a kid, but your memory still lingering in my mind. Do it again PLEASE PMB.

  14. Still playing the puppet politics…..the rest of the world especially those with matching potentials as Nigeria has run far ahead with virtually many light years. Someone has got to wake someone up…sucks!

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