Governor Ambode shuts Oshodi Market at Owonifari, relocates shop owners to newly built market at Bolade

Lagos State Government has shut the Owonifari market within the notorious loop of Oshodi and relocated affected traders and shop owners to the newly built Isopakodowo market stalls at Bolade area in Oshodi. The government has also commenced the fencing-off of the set-back on Agege Motor Road that stretches from Ilupeju end of Oshodi all the way to the PWD/Ikeja GRA end of the area.

State’s Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Steve Ayorinde, said the move was geared towards sanitizing and beautifying the entire Oshodi area and bringing about transformation, in particular, to the Owonifari loop as well as the entire bus stop terminals, which have somewhat constituted a menace and an eyesore within the locality.

oshodi market

According to him, the Owonifari loop would be transformed into an ultra-modern bus terminus with new bus shelters that are befitting of a structured park in a mega city.

He added that the fencing-off of the long stretch of the set-back is being undertaken to assist the Federal Government and the Nigerian Railway Corporation in particular beautify it and safeguard lives along the railway corridor by discouraging street trading and indiscriminate use of the space.

Ayorinde said the ongoing fencing-off and beautification of the road set-back from Ilupeju bypass to PWD/Ikeja GRA would constitute the first phase of the transformation of the Oshodi area.

The second phase, he added, would begin from PWD/Ikeja GRA and stretch all the way to Agege/Pen cinema axis.

The commissioner stated further that Lagosians should expect from this transformation exercise, a new Oshodi that would be sane and safe and where both traders and commuters would be pleased to visit and trade.

He assured that the traders being relocated have been properly allocated shops within the Isopakodowo market and that the demolition of the loop is in the best interest of the people who should expect a world-class bus terminus there.

Ayorinde reiterated Governor Akinwunmi Ambode’s commitment to bring development to every area of the state. He therefore urged the Local Council Development Areas and other stakeholders to cooperate with the State Government in achieving the governor’s vision of making the 2016 budget work for every citizen in the state.



  1. This government has not done any relocation.
    There is no shop owner that has any allocation.

    We should try to say the truth in this country.

  2. Ambode is a moron of Tunibu. He has nothing to offer. He has no plans, no vision, no agenda, no sense, no drive, no paperwork and no nothing.
    Ambode is political figure of Tinubu. Ambode is failure. Ambode have sold Lagos Management and Salary Account of Staff to Tinubu companies and so many others.
    I hope, he will be thinking of 2019 Re-election. Ambode is dummy

  3. What happened at the Owonifari market,Oshodi,early this morning(about 1 a.m) was wickedness at the highest order.It was demolition and not relocation,neither that the market was shut.There was no notice of any sort.The market was sealed on 02/01/2016 under the pretence that it was dirty.The next was the demolition with everything in-tight.There was no truth in all the publications.We have a God who will judge every man.

  4. The so-called newly built Isopakodowo market stalls was built about 4 years ago and it was on record that one of the buildings collapsed at completion,killing and injuring many.A woman’s corpse could not be recovered.It is becoming clearer to Nigerians that the A.P.C. government is the type that is above the law.Court order and judgements are not obeyed.Ambode,you have not finished your mission.The next is to gather Ibos and bury them alive in your so-called newly built market.You are a total disappointment to humanity.Relocate yourself and your people to that death trap.God will judge you,the developer of the said market and your cohort.

  5. Really,power intoxicates-Ambode said that the traders were relocated;the market was sealed for security reasons; for contravening the environmental law, etc and finally,demolition after four days of sealing the market.Let him show the world the notice he served the market;the relocation documentation and all the paper work.No reasonable government does anything without papers.He was present at the demolition to make sure that his mission was complete.He has achieved that but God’s judgement awaits him.His next mission was to gather trader at his so-called newly built market and bury them alive.During the construction,one of the buildings at the site collapsed killing and injuring many,that was about four years ago.That market has been opened and commissioned by Fashola’s administration for the original occupants and the displaced traders at the railway market.The reasons why it is still empty is obvious but best known to them.

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