Shocking!!! Man sentenced to death by hanging over phone, money theft

A Lagos State High Court sitting in Igbosere, has sentenced a 25-year-old man, Rasak Ogedengbe, to death by hanging for stealing money, wrist watches and phones belonging to one Mr. Chukwujekwu in Ejigbo area of the state.

The convicted armed robber was accused of attacking his victim’s family who just returned from church and carted away some of their valuables, which included money, wrist watches and phones.

sentence to death by hanging

Chukwujekwu immediately reported the matter to the Ejigbo police station, which led to Ogedengbe’s arrest. The police alleged that they searched the polythene bag with the convict and found some of the valuables stolen from the victim.

The presiding judge, Justice Olabisi Akinlade, in his verdict, said that Ogedengbe was accused of criminal conspiracy and armed robbery under Section 403 and 402 of the criminal code, law of Lagos State 2003.

Ogedengbe, however, could not produce any witness while the complainant had called two witnesses to testify and all their evidences were taken by the court.

Akinlade said the prosecution had been able to prove the elements of armed robbery and conspiracy and therefore found Ogedengbe guilty of both offences. Although he pleaded not guilty, he was sentenced to death by hanging.



  1. Nigerian Judges are bastards,if this occurs as a result of phone&money theft,why would they grant Dasuki bail?
    Now what type of judgement would they likely pass on the corrupt Politicians who stole the money meant for development of our pple?
    God will surely judge every one.

  2. I guess justice Akinlade want promotion, that y he made the pronouncement,if not upon wetin, he sentence the accused to death by hanging, they suppose to hang him too.

  3. This is too extreme. For what ??? This judge is looking for promotion, and you should be denied.
    He could send him to jail for years. This judge is VERY WICKED.
    Haba, if so, what would this judge do to politicians that stole billion of dollars, stole his generation, his children generations. Maybe, he would kill them, with his own hand-gun.
    Judge Akinlade, you are a WICKED MAN.

  4. This judge should go and pass judgement on Dasuki. The law is for the common man, judgement is sharp sharp for the ordinary person, but for the likes of Saraki and co, it is adjournments.

  5. This is absurd!U hav d likes of Dasuki,Metuh and others,no conviction has been made……D greatest judge is waiting for we all.#tears#

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