Women reject Mama Taraba for insulting Chibok girls’ parents in Aso Rock

A group, the Taraba Women For Democracy Network, has expressed its dismay over some comments in the media attributed to the governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Taraba state, Aisha Alhassan.

The group in a statement signed by Asabe Jonathan, Amina Danboyi, Catherine Adi-Adebayo, the Conveners said “She was quoted as having rained insults on parents of the Chibok girls tragedy when they went to the presidential villa yesterday. Among the many terrible things she said to the distraught parents, and we quote “you were not invited. You should be grateful you were even let in here!” “don’t come here to disturb us. Take your matter to God” etc.

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“She then went on to give them a thorough dressing down, questioning even the visitors sanity. She also quickly (chose to) toe the line of President Muhammadu Buhari who has maintained that the Chibok girls saga didn’t happen under him but his predecessor and so no one should blame him.

“Many parents all over the world were shocked that Aisha, a mother and grandmother, should talk like that. She didn’t show any kindness nor any milk of motherhood to those haggard parents who have been traumatised by their loss. Aisha, who wants to be our first female governor, did not exhibit any motherly attitude at all. As a minister of women affairs, she just behaved like a typical Jezebel with wickedness and callousness towards these poor parents who travelled all the way from Askira Uba to Abuja.

“Even if she cannot tell Chibok parents where their children are as the government is claiming, couldn’t she, at least, welcome them? As a fellow mother, was it too difficult to comfort the troubled parents and be nice to them? Instead of condescendingly insulting them.

The conveners, therefore, called “on all Taraba women to rise and condemn these Aisha’s comments with a very loud voice. She has not represented us at all and she has NOT behaved like a Taraba woman. We are not known for such devilish ways and wickedness. We are not the abusers and insulter of mothers, grandmothers, fathers and family members of our despondent fellow Chibok parents.

“We apologise to the entire country and state clearly that Aisha did not portray us in good light. She acted based on her personal selfish conviction. Some of us were even her supporters as she want to become governor but lately, we have been reviewing our relationship with her. We noted how she almost drag judges into her own crisis at the appeal court by saying, in a video that leaked, that she knew the judgement before it was made public.

“She then started blaming her opponents and denying the video. All these show case her as woman who is lacking in character and deficient in knowledge. She doesn’t exhibit the motherliness and wisdom of matan Taraba (Taraba women)! We are even wondering if she is from here.”

The group further called “on all and sundry to sign a petition wherein we are telling Aisha to stop calling herself mama Taraba. She cannot possibly be our mother after refusing to align with Chibok parents in their distress. We can’t find the decorum, decency and humanity to qualify her for that title.

“Aisha’s attack on Chibok parents just confirms our worst fears that she is just a callous, vindictive, detached and aloof individual who didn’t deserve our support, let alone our loyalty.

“Please, Nigerians should, once again, take note that we disassociate ourselves from Aisha’s outburst. We do not endorse it in any way and it is not representative of us. We are not like that in character and words. As true Taraba women, we feel the pains of Chibok parents in full.

“We were also aghast when Aisha’s boss announced that the girls whereabouts are unknown. Because when under the last regime, General Alex Badeh said he knows where the girls are, we were hopeful. Now that hope has been finally crushed. Aisha’s unfortunate comments only poured more salt to the painful injury. Her uncaring treatment of the women is a slap on all that we hold dear.

“And to the Chibok parents we, the authentic Taraba women pledge our prayers and continuous support in this time of needs. We also offer our apologies for the barbaric behaviour of the minister who could not muster the courage to minister to the need of her constituency. From today, she is no more Maman Taraba. She has been stripped of that title till further notice.”



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